9 Reports Every Hotelier Needs for Financial Success

It’s an undeniable thing that, running a hotel of limited service or full-service is no easy feat. As a hotelier, you and your team may be in charge of creating number of reports every day to keep track of accounts and finances.

One glitch in a report may hamper your entire process cycle, so you can’t afford it to happen.

To ensure smooth operations and make your life easier, you should run accurate reports related to your Profit & Loss, Income, Sales, Budget, Balance Sheet, Payables and Receivables, etc.

Reports to focus for a ‘Big Picture’

We are listing out the top nine imperative reports being offered by Nimble Property that becomes crucial if you are seriously focusing a big picture and excel in hospitality industry.

Beside just you, these reports will ease the work, save enormous efforts and time of your managers, co-owners, accountants and departmental heads.

You might be thinking, “That sounds great! But, do they really work?”

Answer is ‘Yes’, just continue reading and dive deep into ‘em!

Profit & Loss

Profit and Loss Report, also called as P&L report is crafted really well in Nimble Property.

It displays your single or multiple properties’ total Income and Expenses incurred during a selected specific period of time.

Based on it, you can come with cost cutting or adjustment strategies for better outcome.

Also, you’ll get a better understanding of your property’s financial position!

Balance Sheet

Considering ‘Balance Sheet’ as an important financial statement, Nimble Property lets you access it for a snapshot of your financial position.

Based on the specific time intervals, the balance sheet navigation displays your hotel’s assets, liabilities and equity.

Seamlessly, you can generate reports day wise, week wise, month wise or even year wise, everything on a single dashboard.

General Ledger

Labelled ‘General Ledger’ as one of the core feature within the Back-office Accounting segment, Nimble Property lets you access this report with ease.

It basically represents the record-keeping for your hotel’s financial data with credit and debit account records validated by a trial balance.

The general ledger report in Nimble Property holds your account information that is required to prepare hotel’s financial reports.

For centuries, the General Ledgers were being kept on paper, but with Nimble it’s automated and made readily available for you!

Trial Balance

Be it for your single property or multiple properties, you can create ‘Trial Balance’ report with ease in Nimble.

It displays your chart of accounts and balances of the selected corporation for a chosen time period.

The Trial Balance report allows you to identify discrepancies in your hotel account totals, so you can act accordingly.

You can trust on Nimble Property and get numbers accurately!


Nimble Property allows you to generate combine reports and perform comparison analysis of all your hotels on a single screen.

Effortlessly, you can manage Intercompany In & Out by generating reports including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, ICFA Ledger and combined Income Statement.

We made it easy for you manage your Hotel Chain at your fingertips!

Daily Sales Report

Generate Daily Sales report in few simple steps with Nimble Property to track your Daily Sales, including Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, F & B Revenue and other miscellaneous earnings.

Make the best use of this Daily Sales report and prepare the budget for the following year with ease.

Within no time, get a comparison with Period to Date (PTD), PTD Budget and Year to Date (YTD), YTD Budget.

Nimble enables PMS Integration with Approval System to automate your daily sales process.

So far, Nimble has integrated with top-notch PMS systems – Opera, OnQ, FOSSE, Lightspeed, Skytouch, Anand systems, Visual Matrix, SynXis, Choice Advantage and Hotel Key

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