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Hotel Accounting Software

We ensure all our modules at Nimble Property will let you manage your accounts better and improve efficiency & visibility into your business to drive better financial performance.

Hospitality businesses all too often suffer from poor, inconsistent or complex record-keeping. If you're also the one wasting your valuable time on data entry and are at risk of being hit with fines or penalties during the taxation time. It's time to switch to Nimble - 'Most trusted accounting software for hospitality industry'.

We ensure that you have your business's accounting are well-organised, so you can run hotel smoothly and enjoy 'paperless' day-to-day operations. Effortlessly, you will automate accounting tasks like accounts payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting and much more.

Nimble hotel accounting services can help you to avoid all the time consuming, repetitive and often complex accounting tasks.

Leverage all our accounting modules and feature-rich functionality to make it easier for your accountants and managers to handle accounts, audits and to keep on top of their own finances on a day to day basis.

Bothered with expensive hotel management software cost in the market? Not to worry, we've kept it cost-effective, so it's suitable for all sized businesses, for which only Nimble is renowned to be most budget hotel management software in the cloud software companies list.

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Manage your accounts better and run hotels smoothly

We ensure all our modules at Nimble Property will let you manage your accounts better and improve efficiency &
visibility into your business to drive better financial performance.

Multi – Property Management

Gateway to manage your multi-property portfolio at one place from a single login

Are you a multi-property hotel owner, worried about how to manage your hotel group at one place? It's time to signup Nimble!

Avail Single Login for your Group of Hotels and manage everything on a centralized dashboard. Generate Combine Reports, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance, ICFA Ledger and perform Comparison Analysis. As or when required!

Get complete control and manage all your properties efficiently at one place – your hotel chain management is no more burdensome with Nimble.


Accounts Payable Automation

Seamless AP processing with AI enabled bill automation & multi-level approval process

Facing challenges in managing your vendor bills? Nimble Property is for you - The most trusted Accounts Payable solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence!

Automate your entire Accounts Payable process with our AI enabled bill automation and multi-level approval. Say goodbye to all that paperwork and manual tasks which are slowing down your business and costing you fortune.

Want to know how it really works? Schedule a demo today and make a difference.


Auto Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your bank accounts isan absolute necessity to spot your financial inefficiencies

Do you want to speed up your bank reconciliation? With Nimble you’ll be able to connect your bank accounts effortlessly to the systemand download the transaction feeds automatically.

Link all your bank accounts and compare your books against the bank records in Nimble.Simplify your accountant’s work & stay on top of hotel finances.

Avoid potential financial troubles that may arise from improper bank reconciliations with Nimble, while evading transaction discrepancies and keep your business deposits accurate, saving both time and money. See it in action – Schedule a demo today!


ACH (Receipts & Payments)

Minimizing the accounting hours associated with your payments and receipt collections

Nimble Property lets you streamline your hotel payment processing, allowing you make a wide variety of payments and collect receipts easier & faster electronically.

Both, money to pay and receive, all essential books of entries will be interlinked in an automated manner within the data entry medium of Nimble Property.

Master the module in Nimble and maintain a steady cash flow, with no more wrestling on either payments or receipts. Know how it adds value – Schedule a demo today!


Basic Inventory

Simplifying your inventory management to increase profits, through accurate tracking & forecast

Nimble Property lets you manage your hotel inventory by tracking and forecasting based on the room occupancy. It provides you a great convenience and efficiency to allocate the correct levels of inventory supplies.

So you will never run out of supplies and amenity items in the inventory. We leverage on advanced techniques like algorithms and data science to allow you to benefit from improved efficiency for inventory management.

We provide simple powerful inventory management that is ready on all sized properties with no prior experience needed. It has never been so easier with Nimble!



1099 Payment Tracking made easy for hotels with Nimble Property

It is very important when working on 1099 reports that you are 100% accurate it could become costly if not accurate. Nimble accounting software will help you properly put them together.

Nimble Property’s reporting lets you record, track and manage your hotel’s 1099 vendor listings in an accurate manner within just few clicks from anytime anywhere.

Few clicks away to craft 1099 payments report, on a desired time period in Nimble - with vendor name, federal ID and SSN number, payment type, method and account information.


60+ Reports & Statements

Insightful financial reports and industry specific statements, with great customizations

We specialize in delivering a tailored experience to match your hotel industry financial reporting needs, and offer you the ability to make better decisions.

This is done by providing 60+ reports and industry-specific statements that give intelligent insight for your future plans. Everything on an intuitive dashboard!

All of our reports are smart and interactive. Each report is designed to help you make decisions that positively affect your bottom line while also reducing your overall costs.


KPI Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard with responsive widgets & real-time alerts to stay with sync of all your happenings

Nimble property lets you visualize all your hotel group’s crucial financial metrics, KPIs in real-time – everything side-by-side our insightful dashboard.

Stay on top of your information related to Occupancies, RevPAR and ADRs, competitive analysis with STR and GSS, many more responsive widgets to mention.

It alerts you on checks to be printed, recurring dues, journals/bills/sales to be approved along with the banking summary. From where, you can drill-down to the root-level.


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