Nimble Property has been the best comprehensive Hotel Accounting & Operations software offering an extensive set of hassle-free features and impeccable functionality, which include an easy-to-use interface, top-class support, and quick & easy setup with no maintenance – Altogether tailored for the hotel industry.

Our system is customizable, scalable, functionally integrated & supported, and comes with essential modules to manage the complete end-to-end Hotel Management.

Nimble Property is a solution for diverse Hotel Management groups, which enables state-of-the-art technology and scalable functionality to provide best-in-class Usability, Standard Reports, and Financial Automation.


Unleash the gateway of excellence in handling operations

Start your successful journey with nimble to streamline your operations, while reducing enormous time and
efforts to release more space to focus on the big picture ‘guests’.

Auto-Updated Daily Reports

Running your hotel properties is made easy on Nimble. We avail you auto updated reports to analyze and monitor your daily revenue across of all your properties, helping you keep better track of your receivables.

Essential Reports That Your Hotel Should Run Every Night to Stay on TOP
  • Integrate your PMS into Nimble, all your daily reports & status will be updated.
  • Get your hotel statistics, like the total earnings (e.g.: - Rooms, Food and Beverage outlets, Laundry, SPA, Rentals etc.)
  • We provide a snapshot overview of your sales performance through detailed reports.

PMS Integration

At Nimble Property, we integrate your existing PMS with us to give you a consolidated view of your entire hotel properties’ day-to-day operations. Let you hoteliers access real-time hotel’s revenue, receipts and payments

Save time & streamline operations, manage functions & increase the hotel’s bookings
  • Get all your properties’ sales, receivables and statistics data into nimble books automatically.
  • Customized solution to integrate with all leading PMS software across the market.
  • Evade from those front desk’s double-entry errors and configure multiple reports at a single click.

GSS Info

Gather value direct feedback from your customers and know the guest satisfaction scores with the market trends comparison.

Leverage your guest satisfaction survey feedback & score to deliver better experiences
  • Send GSS links directly to your guests for feedback & rating, once they vacate your hotel.
  • Let your customer leave reviews and rate your hotel on the form you send, at their convenience.
  • Receive reviews directly into your system, view all hotels’ comments date-wise with index, and revert them back accordingly.
  • Get that competitive edge rating of 85% & increase the brand value & create trends.

Audit Log Tracking

Gain that competitive edge by exploring a simple way to track your daily sales and revenue audits that include accurate recording of sales, controlling cash, measuring cost vs. sales performance, and forecasting future sales.

Track & increase your hotel's average daily profits. Be more productive!
  • Strategically track your daily sales and revenue automatically with default preconfigured integrations.
  • In-depth reporting structure that pull-out all your daily hotel activities.
  • Increase the level of service you provide to your guests by daily tracking.

Operational Budget & Forecast

Compare your actual revenue and expense figures with budgeted amounts in real-time. Analyze and control your multi-hotel property businesses efficiently at one place, with single screen access to Budget & Forecast Comparison reports.

Yielding more results by comparing your budget, future revenues and expenses
  • An extensive report selection to compare your hotel budgets with revenue generated & expenses spent.
  • Revenue forecast report driven by occupancy rate and ADR, or average daily rate.
  • Compared your forecasting with the budgets using the guests outlet’s historical data.

Bank Deposits Info

We’ve made you bank deposits information sharing seamless, where you can track, update and cross verify your cash and check deposits of banking. Ease your general managers and corporate team’s work!

Deposits tracking can be extremely complex, but not with Nimble
  • Effortless way to see where your money is going, on an exclusive screen.
  • Update corporate team on physical cash and checks deposit, for better reconciliation.
  • Easy access for general managers to view the deposit register report that contains information about all direct deposits that were made to your bank accounts in a selected time period.

STR Import

For best Competitive & Comparison analysis, you can import STR data directly into Nimble. Consolidated dashboard lets you view the performance status of your hotel in the market with Comparison of Competitors. Analysis include Room Occupancy Percentage, RevPAR - Revenue Per Available Rooms and ADR – Average Per Daily Rate, detailed comparison will be given on the dashboard.

Analysis & Strategy that helps you stay ahead of the competition across market
  • Few clicks away to import your STR data into Nimble for a centralized vision.
  • Know where you stand with competitor comparison & analysis on the dashboard.
  • You’ll never fall behind the competition as the essential data is in front of your screen.

Hotel Team Login

From the ‘Hotel Team Login’, you can define access and control based on the roles of your hotel manager, accountants, and staff for easy review & approvals.

Authorize users to manage bills, and sales, enter PMS data and give approvals from hotel Lobby with Corporate level approval. Besides, simplify coordination with cleaning staff, manage AP, Inventory Sales, and Supplier payments status checking.

Boost Your Hotel Team Workflow for Efficient Hotel Management & Productivity
  • General Managers can view the status of their hotel Sales and Supplier payments.
  • Just within a few clicks, he/she can manage Inventory levels of multi-hotel properties.
  • Hotel managers can create budgets and set room rates with ease.
  • Accountants can manage Sales and Bills from the hotel Lobby with timely approvals.
  • Enable Hotel logins for Vendor OCR Supply / Invoices and making sales.

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