Top 9 Benefits of using Hotel Accounting Software

Irrespective of industry, the importance & significance of Automated Accounting is always there. Because, it’s a phenomenon that plays a vital role in decision making. Holistically, accounting has moved on eventually from the traditional way of doing it to contemporary way, that evades spreadsheet dependency and saves loads of time

As a hotelier, you need to adopt new technologies by integrating your cloud PMS to effectively streamline your businesses. Thus, to make the whole process error-free and drive accurate results in the following activities,

  • Budgets
  • Profits Comparison
  • Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash-flow Statements
  • Payroll Management
  • Business Planning and much more

To understand the monetary health of your hotel business, financial statements of each department becomes vital. As a hotel owner/management, you got to access information including room
occupancy, current month’s profit to the previous month and other deeper insights. Generating and procuring these details manually might consume a lot of time and involve tremendous effort, leading to errors.

Checking the recorded transactions, summarizing them, making additions or subtractions involve extensive manual work. Make a move to hotel accounting software is ideal, which saves an enormous
amount of time in dealing with piles of bills. How automating your hotel accounting process with modern accounting software brings a big time relief to your hotel management.

Automation and Accuracy: An automated accounting system makes it easy for you to generate invoices, daily sales, produce balance sheets, analyze expenses, estimate budget & forecast and
much more. Routine tasks can be automated, leading to zero manual errors and you’ll find greater accuracy in all the calculations, providing the data entries correctly.

Access from Anywhere: When integrated your cloud-based Hotel PMS with an accounting software, it becomes easier for you to access all your accounting data from anywhere, anytime, and on any smart device.

Real-time Information: All your financial and operational data is made available within the software, enabling a real-time view of your cash flow – accounts receivable, and accounts payable etc.

Ease-of-use: The data entry process become simple and hassle- free. It’s easy to update your data online and allow access & assign privileges for specific users (accountants, managers & employees).
Abundant data storage also makes it easy to share rich information on the go.

Speed and Efficiency: Your end-to-end hotel’s accounting process will work at a faster speed when compared to the manual methods. On the other hand, it also increases the efficiency of your staff.

Time Saving: Moving to an automated hotel accounting software will save an enormous amount of time in dealing with bills, reconciling bank accounts, tracking daily sales & receivables, letting your
hoteliers and accountants focus more on productivity & best business outcomes.

Cost Saving: Operational costs associated with your hospitality management can be minimized with a next-generation hospitality accounting software. Likewise, the administrative efforts can be
reduced, while empowering you by consolidated accounts, generating customizable reports and solving the complexity of manual entries.

Revenue Enhancement: Hotel accounting software lets you maximize the revenue by analyzing profits, forecasting budget, revenue and expenses, which altogether optimizes your cash flow.
You’ll get to know the pulse of your group of hotels financial performance at one place.

Business Insights: Business Intelligence enabled Hotel Accounting Software allows to better visualize and utilize the data of your group of hotels. BI software centralizes all your key performance
indicators (KPI’s) on its dashboard, while alerting you on pending/overdue payments & receipts.

Become a tech-savvy hotelier by adopting accounting software and integrating it with your cloud-based PMS to tackle a host accounting and operations efficiently.

Hotel accounting management with Nimble Property is no longer a cumbersome process. The benefits are vast. So, are you ready to make the move today?

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