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7 Realtime Insights on your hotel for better decision making

Importance of Insights

As we all know, the Hospitality industry is emerging on a great pace so is the competition. Hoteliers need to stay connected with their business’s critical data at one place. That’s how they can make informed decisions!

Now, all that’s required is an Insightful dashboard which can transform the data into insights.

The quick consumption of insightful information will help hoteliers to save valuable time & reduce efforts in analyzing hotel performance.

By which they can make data-driven decisions.

Therefore in the hospitality industry, decision making becomes requisite aspect. The data analysis & insights should be readily available and understandable.


Nimble Property – One of the promising Hotel Accounting & Analytical Software lets you access and monitor all your key performance indicators at one place. It allows hoteliers to make knowledgeable and significant business decisions efficiently and rapidly.

Let’s now dive deep into the Business Intelligence driven insightful dashboard that Nimble has to offer!

Property Overview

This widget gives an overview on Rooms Sold, Occupancy %, Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) and Revenue per available room (RevPAR).

Seamlessly, hotelier can have a glance at the revenue generated property-wise and the expenses occurred departmental-wise.

Even the undistributed & other expenses can be viewed along with income generated.

Expense Analysis

Nimble Property’s dashboard gives data feeds on department-wise expenses of hotels through Expense Analysis widget.

By which, once can efficiently stay in control of expenses and concentrate more on increasing

The widget is efficiently responsive, which enables drill-down capabilities and displays appealing graphical representation.

AP & AR Aging Info

These widgets are precisely designed to stay hoteliers informed on the payables and receivables hotel wise.

The segregation of aging info is done on timely basis to enable the hotelier or even accounts act accordingly.

Dramatically, there would be an improvement seen in the visibility and control over the AP and
AR management process.


Consolidated dashboard of Nimble Hotel Accounting Software gives an overview of the hotel performance status in the market with comparison to Competitors.

The analysis includes Competitive Set & Market Penetration Index (MPI), related to the Occupancy Percentage, ADR and RevPAR

Detailed comparison will be given on the dashboard!

Guest Satisfaction

By importing GSS surveys into Nimble’s Business Intelligence, hoteliers can get a consolidated view on their customer rating, feedback & suggestions.

It enables one to identify the guest pulse, by going through key drivers, benchmark info and reading comments.

If hoteliers are able to fulfil their guests need, in turn it will increase loyalty and aid in building long-term relationships.

Nimble Property will provide a great assistance for it!

Profit & Loss

This widget helps the hoteliers in tracking their hotel income, expenses and net profit.

Over a period of time, be it monthly, quarterly or yearly this profit & loss summarization can be done.

It results in increasing revenue and reducing costs!

Banking Summary

Property-wise the bank balance can be viewed here, based on the time duration set.

Just within few clicks, the bank accounts linked with the particular bank can be drilled down.

Month-on-month or year-on-year, once can customize the graphical chart and view the information, as or when required…


Hoteliers can get real time alerts and updates on their pending & over dues (Bill, Check, Receipt or Journal) by days and date wise for all their hotels.

Even the ‘To Do’ list is shown on the intuitive dashboard.

Final Thoughts
As a hotelier, one must make the decisions not only right, but also every time and it’s quite natural that many get busy on focusing guests and eventually miss on insights.

An automated Hotel Accounting Software here can actually fill that gap, by turning the raw data into insights which helps the hoteliers and managers in handling the hotel accounting and operations efficiently, while enabling the space for better decision making.
So, it’s a must to access insights for good!

Looking forward to build a dashboard with insights for your hotel business?

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  1. Most accurate decisions in hotel are made using accounting data insights. I totally agree.

    Your blog is informative. Thanks

  2. Good to be here today!
    Probably you have touched on every insight a hotelier must encourage for better decision making. Thank you.

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