Evolution of Technology in Multiple Hotel Ownership

As a multiple hotel owner, it might be challenges in monitoring various facets of all your hotels at one shot. Especially when it comes to tracking daily sales, receivables, bills, hotel occupancy and organizing chart of accounts. In the modern day hotel arena, there’s been a management shift from traditional to latest technology adaption by successful owners, mainly multiple hotel owners.

Just by integrating PMS into one comprehensive accounting system not only saves time and reduce errors, but also gives a consolidated view on entire hotels’ operations at a glance. Every day hotelier processes become easier and quicker to manage both staff members as well as labor.

You no longer need to login into several systems to manage multiple hotels’ key information manually. Once PMS is integrated into the system, everything will be streamlined, which reduces time spent on manual tasks and leaves more time to ensure perfect guest satisfaction.

Nimble Property seamlessly integrates your existing PMS into the Accounting system, saves your time and bandwidth. Easy to integrate interface lets you get all your properties’ sales, receivables and statistics data into nimble automatically. It lets your hoteliers access the real-time hotel’s revenue, receipts and payments. Integrating your PMS into Nimble streamlines operations.

Nimble Property, being a revolutionary hotel accounting software supports Opera, OnQ and other PMS systems as well.

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