Hotel Budget & Forecasting

Be sure of your Hotel’s Budget & Forecast to reach Targets

Be it in any business sector, budgeting and forecasting becomes an important segment to set targets and stay accountable as the year progresses.

It’s being observed that, the most financially stable businesses do have a strategic budget and a forecast implementations.

Let’s now discuss the role of budgeting and forecasting in a hotel business.

Hotel Budgeting & Forecasting Importance

In this 21 st Century, the hospitality business is continuously growing so the competition is nevertheless high.

In order to perform as successful key player and sustain the competition, as a hotelier you must adopt budgeting and forecasting practices.

By which you can control finances, determine the profitability and plan ahead strategically for the future and make meaningful decisions.

However, your budgeting and forecasting accuracy can actually make or break your hotel. Due to overestimation of sales or underestimation of costs, you may exhaust your property’s financial reserves before you start to turn them into profits.

So, you need to have an optimal accuracy and realistic projections while doing it!

Take the Technology advantage

In the modern times, the technology has evolved to next-level and making all the manual processes automated, while saving money & time and reducing errors.
Nimble Property – Hotel Budgeting & Forecasting Software is the best example of the technology advancements being seen today.

With a great deal of accounting functionalities, Nimble is helping hoteliers to plan and meet their business’s financial goals.

Benefits that make a DIFFERENCE

  • Nimble allows you to get rid of cumbersome excel sheet dependency
  • No need to collate the data from multiple data sources
  • Supports the ability to import your historical budgets
  • Get comparisons using your guests’ outlet historical data
  • Department-wise budgets creation with statistical analysis
  • Upcoming year budget preparation based on current estimations
  • Upward budget % adjustments and hotel undertakes processing

Nimble Property makes the entire process of budgeting & forecasting easier as well as less time consuming, while ensuring a great accuracy.

Seamlessly, you can perform a detailed comparison of real-time revenue v/s budget prepared with variance analysis. Everything on a single dashboard!

To learn more about Nimble Property’s enhanced Budget and Forecast module, schedule a quick Demo today!

Our team will take you through it and explain how it can save your time & efforts.

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