Hotel Daily Sales Automation

Knowing how Daily Sales AUTOMATION reduce efforts & save time

Today, we’re living in the world of automation and technology advancements. Starting from switching the light to assembling a car, everything can be automated.

However, we might wonder how important is automation? Does it really help? And, the answer is YES!

Automation actually adds value, be it for any business. By reducing efforts, evading manual labor and most importantly saving time.

Automation in Hospitality Industry

Even in the Hospitality Industry, the Automation has created a paradigm shift in the way of doing business & activities.

For instance, let’s take self-service kiosks which are being used in the hotels in order to improve the guest experience and efficiency.

Usually, these kiosks are situated in the hotel lobby. Guests can easily access their room key by just entering reservation number or name.

Likewise, many hotels are switching to multiple integrated automated systems to create an entirely human-free experience.

Impact of Automation in Daily Sales

In any sized hotel business, it becomes intimidating for a General Manager to manually enter & track Daily Sales during the audit as it involves time & efforts.

Similarly, the accountants or managers may even face hassles to cross verify the books of accounts and approve once the audit is complete.

But, when automation comes into place the real magic works!

‘Nimble Property’ A well-built hotel accounting software which is hotelier friendly leverages the automation and integrates with your hotel PMS.

By which, all your hotels sales, booking information, receivables and room statistics data into the system automatically.

The team of experts at nimble will even configure your income sheets & daily sales as well. So, when the schedulers are run EVERYTHING FALLS INTO PLACE!

All you have to do is access the automated reports and approve as or when required.

The safe & secured login access to Nimble Property lets you automate the daily sales and perform revenue analysis, enabling you to save some valuable time. So you can concentrate more on your guests!

Detailed reporting structure on your daily sales and customization delivers you a better financial transparency, quality and control with drill down capability.

Improved ACCOUNTING & OPERATIONAL performance

Nimble Property is not just about daily sales automation, it has more added advantage for its users. It’s a tailored Hotel Accounting Software and Analytical solution that helps you streamline your business accounting and operations efficiently.

Intuitive Dashboard: Banking, Room Occupancy, RevPar, Avg. daily revenue, Profits & Expenses.

Multi-property Management: Single Login for your group of Hotels

Automation: Daily Sales, Bank Reconciliation & Transactions

Integration: PMS, Payroll Vendors, Banks & financial institutions

STR Import: Get your detailed Competitor Analysis report

GSS Import: Review your customer reviews

ACH (Receipts & Payments): Pay & get paid faster

Budget & Forecast: Departmental wise Operational Budget with Statistics

Reporting: 60+ reports to help you make better decisions

Discover why automating your daily sales and accounting procedures will improve visibility and productivity.
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