Guest Satisfaction Survery-GSS

GSS Review – Maximize your Guests Engagement and Experience

As a full-service or limited-service hotelier, it’s important to know your performance and competition in the hotel business across your area. How much ever you invest time & efforts in training your room service staff, it might fall short in delivering utmost satisfaction and service quality.

Know the pulse of your guest, it’s very crucial and directly going to be proportionate & impact on reviews across your social pages like yelp or TripAdvisor.

Almost 70% of the people in US would go for a hotel booking only after visiting review sites. So, make sure you’re on the top of your game by listening to your customers’.

All you need a reliable service system, which helps you in understanding the pulse of your guests who have stayed in your hotel and in turn, helps you in improving your hotel service, while increasing the occupancy percentage.

With Nimble Property – Complete Hotel Accounting and Operational software, you can import your GSS surveys into Nimble ‘On the Go’ for a holistic view of your property.

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