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Improving Managers Productivity for Efficient Hotel Management

In any hotel business, it becomes intimidating for a General Manager to track Daily Sales, monitor Occupancy %, ADR, RevPar, and review GSS info, all at one place.

Most importantly, Night Audit Report has a very important role in the hotel finances.

To efficiently manage finances managers, need a one-stop-solution. By which, they can seamlessly integrate their PMS and get all hotels’ sales, receivables and statistics data into the system automatically.

The group of hotels’ bank balance can be viewed without any hassle, budget can be managed, and revenue & expenses can be forecasted, statistical and financial records can be seamlessly maintained.

Nimble Property is one such hotelier-friendly business solution tailored for the Hospitality Industry.

With a client-base of more than 500+ properties tied up with Nimble Property has proven to be the best accounting & bookkeeping service provider in catering industry standard reports with real time analysis.

Collaborated with the best in class PMS systems, STR, GSS Nimble Property provides deeper insights into your Hotel Business. User friendly design of the Nimble drives Hotel Managers towards quick and easy access to insightful financial & operational analytics.

Here are Nimble Property benefits:

  • Run reports to analyze and monitor daily sales, revenue & profits
  • Guest Satisfaction on Dashboard to monitor properties performance
  • Budget Forecast
  • Financial and operational reports
  • STR import
  • Multi – Hotel management with single login for a hawk eye view
  • PMS integration
  • Automated bills by OCR
  • Guest satisfaction Survey Import
  • KPI’s dashboard to monitor your sales, ADR, RevPar, Expenses, Banks and much more..

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