Importance of Smith Travel Research (STR) Report in knowing your competition

Let’s first know what STR report is all about

In the hotel industry, Smith Travel Research (STR) Report is about providing the market share analysis for both, limited service and full- service hotel chains.

STR currently tracks more than 60,000 hotels with over 8 million rooms.

Hoteliers can utilize this insightful report to view their hotel performance status across the market, while comparing with competitors.

The STR report analysis will cover the segments such as Room Occupancy Percentage, RevPAR – Revenue per Available Rooms and ADR – Average per Daily Rate.

How important STR report is?
If you’re running a hotel, it’s vital to know the pulse of your competition. That’s how you can work on your weak areas and win your competitors to maximize your hotel’s success.

Consistent monitoring of your hotel competition through STR report helps you and your staff invest efforts and energy in the right direction.

Smart hoteliers in the market take this proactive approach to access key insights into their competition and gain maximum advantage out of it.

To increase your hotel bookings and boost revenue, staying connected to the competitive set is very important. Wondering, how to indulge it into your hotel business??

Import STR & know where your stand in the competition

Nimble Property helps you keep a tab on it!

It’s the most loved Accounting solution by the hoteliers across the hospitality industry.

All you got to do is, import the STR data directly into Nimble.

Consolidated dashboard lets you view the performance status of your hotel in the market with Comparison of Competitors.

No matter, you have one hotel or group of hotels STR import facility in Nimble gives you better visibility into your properties’ competitive set.

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