need not to look back in managing vendor bills

Managing your hotel vendor bills a nightmare?

As a hotelier, you might deal with hundreds of bills dealing your business. So, its obvious that it becomes really difficult to keep a track of your vendor bills in high volume, on a regular basis.

Using an age-old system makes it even more complex as it involves manual entry of the data into the accounting system. Even to keep a track of it, your accountants and back office team may face challenges.

Making a move to automated hotel accounting software – ‘Nimble Property’ saves enormous amount of time and efforts in dealing with bills. With the simple upload feature ‘OCR’ in Nimble, your operations become easier, as the bills can be scanned and bills populate automatically.

Automate your back-office operations through Nimble Property, a state-of-the-art accounting and operations solution for your business.

Automate: Bills, PMS, Banking and much more.

Switch to Nimble Property today – Empowering hoteliers in more than 1000+ hotels across the USA. See the difference!!!

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