monthly bookkeeping may not suffice to run hotel


Bookkeeping in a hotel is more than just entering bills data. No wonder that many hoteliers struggle due to its complexity and set of challenges. Particularly, if they wait till the month end in doing basic bookkeeping tasks, it can introduce risks.

It’s no secret that hoteliers handle a lot of tasks, starting from preparing night audit to configuring budget & income statements, managing hotel expenses to reconciling bank accounts. Besides just monitoring daily sales, room occupancy and reviewing GSS, there are important bookkeeping tasks to be done by an accountant.

In general, bookkeeping & accounting for the hospitality industry is imperative. As a hotelier you cannot afford your accountants or staff to make any mistakes during the process. Questionable finances, forgetting items and missing on tax deadlines will arouse when you miss on bookkeeping.

Hotel-specific bookkeeping service provider – ‘Nimble Property’ will help you in dealing with all bookkeeping complexities. By enabling accurate hotel bookkeeping, experts at Nimble work efficiently in cleaning up your books, providing weekly financial reports and most importantly, they give you advice on your business health.


Nimble Property Hotel Bookkeeping Software & Services empowers you & your hotel staff by simplifying your Accounting, starting from Record to Receipt (R to R)

Here’s how Hoteliers are saving 50% utilizing out end-to-end bookkeeping services.

● Budget & Income Sheet Configuration

● Reconciling Bank Accounts

● Managing Daily Sales & Night Audit

● Strategic monthly Financial Advice

● Allocating dedicated CRO for Hotel

● Providing weekly Financial Reports

Working on a quick overnight turnaround time, bookkeeping experts at Nimble collect all your hotel’s data and turn them into tidy financial reports. Switch to Nimble and make a difference in your hospitality bookkeeping and close down the cash flow or tax troubles.

Make wiser decisions across your hotel or hotel chain based on what’s happening now, rather than waiting till the month end. Your hotel business alters every single day! Get the bookkeeping expert’s advice by Nimble Property and know the pulse of your hotel business.

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