Hotel Accounting Software With Automation “#1 In United States”

Nimble Property is the industry’s leading cloud-based best hotel accounting software remarkably designed for hospitality industry.

Leveraging automation, integration and intelligence, it helps you transform your hotel business and empower your accountants, managers and staff to your properties profitably.

Nimble as a hospitality accounting software is renowned for its impeccable features, significant functionality and inexpensiveness. Our solutions are of all-in-one enterprise level, striving to streamline financial accounting activities and besides, our hotel bookkeeping services are custom made to minimize all the bookkeeping hurdles being face across the hospitality world.

Our hotel accounting system has already proven to be the best in increasing operational efficiencies, reducing hotel expenses, enhancing revenue, while enabling insights which makes hotelier’s decision making hassle-free and lives easier.

Founded in 2012, headquartered in New York – Nimble has a profound accounting expertise in the market and it all started to make it reach for the entire hospitality world, everything as an affordable package without hurting pockets like many others.

So far 600+ properties have made the decision already and embracing the offerings to see a big time difference in their hotel management.

Features that allow you simplify accounting and become more profitable:

  • PMS Integration & Automation
  • Budget & Forecasting
  • Business Analytics Dashboarding
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • 60+ Standard Financial Reports
  • Multi-property Management
  • GSS & STR Import/Review

Popular integrations in which Nimble Property lets you take the leverage of:

  • · Opera
  • · OnQ
  • · FOSSE
  • · Lightspeed
  • · Skytouch
  • · Anand Systems
  • · Visual Matrix
  • · SynXis
  • · Choice Advantage
  • · Hotel Key
  • · Payroll
  • · Banking

Why many choose Nimble as their Hotel Accounting Partner?


  • · Hassle-Free,
  • · Easy-To-Use
  • · Cost-effective
  • · No Hidden Charges
  • · Quick Setup
  • · 360degree Automation
  • · Intuitive UI
  • · Seamless Integrations
  • · Best Support Indeed

Nimble Property provides you a single login, which acts a gateway to stay connected with all your group of hotels. It make easy for you to manage everything at one place.

Without switching to multiple resources, you can seamlessly login once and get an overview of all your properties’ bank balances, room occupancies, departmental-wise income, expenses, profits, GSS & STR info.

Besides, you’ll stay alerted and notified on the checks to be printed, recurring dues, journals to be approved, aging bills and sales to be approved – Everything ‘ON THE GO’.

Become a better ‘HOTELIER’

Our well-integrated hotel accounting software makes it easy for you to stay on top of your business, let’s you accountants and managers handle all the accounting challenges efficiently, so you can focus more on improving occupancy rates and guest satisfaction.

As the hospitality world is in recovery mode from COVID-19 pandemic hit, it becomes important for you to have an accounting partner on board to maintain daily operational efficiency, despite of relying on reduced staff.

Our Hotel Accounting Software is outstandingly designed to your workday more efficient and satisfying, where you can contour financial workflow while offering more to your guests and boosting hotel productivity without adding any extra from staff.

Hotel Accounting Made Easy

Built for hoteliers ‘Nimble Property’ offers end-to-end automation with hundreds of interfaces connecting your PMS systems, Payroll & Banking Institutions.

Is your accounting getting unmanageable? Nimble property can help!

Scalable cloud based hotel accounting platform that’s unparalleled in the marketplace. It helps you understand your business well, become more efficient and fit.

Contact us and we’ll explain how you can increase your financial agility.

Be it an independent hotel or group of hotels, Nimble makes it flawless for you to track day-to-day finances, automate accounts payable, process receivables, and generate financials statements and prepare budgets with ease.

Right from generating P & L reports to Balance Sheets, ICFA Ledger Report to Trial Balance and combined statements – You can do it all at your convenience.

Have a tab on your rooms sold, the occupancy percentage, performance analysis, ADR and RevPAR on a single screen.

Final Thoughts:

Out across the hotel market, you’ll get to explore a countless generic accounting options, but having an authentic Hotel Accounting System will make a difference and Nimble stands out to be the best for its Price, Intuitiveness, Intelligence and Excellence.

However, don’t just ahead for our product elevation but take a demo and walkthrough the entire features. If looks promising, then go for it and experience an effective financial and operational performance boost.

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