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84% of Your Guests Trust Online Reviews. Did You Know?

In the world of Hospitality – Online Reviews play a predominant role, and it never goes lost in the hustle-bustle of Internet noise.

One of the research states that on a regular or occasional basis 91% of people read online reviews, and 84% actually trust them, just like the personal recommendation. On an average of reading one to six reviews, 68% of them form an opinion. By which, they make the decisions accordingly!

Online Reviews Does Matter – That is why if you’re a hotelier, it’s an imperative thing to keep a tab on your Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) to maximize your Guests Engagement and Experience.

However, this might seem to be a juggling task to keep an eye on Surveys if the properties are multiple. Here comes the Hotel Accounting Software into the picture!

The tailored solution lets you import your GSS Surveys within a few clicks, giving you have a consolidated view on customer ratings, feedback, and suggestions, everything on a single intuitive dashboard.

Work on Negative Reviews ‘Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success’

Never run away from your guests’ reviews, be it negative! Read it, know the reason behind it and acknowledge; that’s how you can satisfy your guests and grow your business.

Listen To Your ‘GUESTS’

Once your guest leaves your hotel, asking him/her for their experience will make them think you really care about and serious about doing business.

Not every guest may respond to the survey, but that’s okay, and it’s your responsibility to run a survey any which way.

Work on negative reviews immediately and try to resolve it or compensate your guests. Once they are happy, you can politely ask them to edit the negative rating.

After all, no one likes to leave a negative rating or reviews. In fact, they want to be happy and expect excellent service!

Rather than forcefully publishing fake positive reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google, it’s better to work in a genuine way.Relying on insincere practices will lead you nowhere!

Review GSS – Make it a ‘HABIT.’

Be it you run a full or limited service Hotel, it’s imperative to review your performance and competition in the market, across your area.

Investing in training staff for monitoring may fall short – Embrace the Technology!

Making a habit of reviewing GSS & STR Surveys on Hotel Accounting Software Dashboard, at your convenience will create more space to act on guest comments and your standing across competitors.

Nonetheless, you may find countless Hotel Accounting Software options across the market, but you need a tailored one that can not only give you Import and Review Options but also empower you in handling all facets of accounting activities.

Get Hands Free on ‘ACCOUNTING’

As a Hotelier, the big picture ever in your mind has to be Guests. But, that’s only possible if you get hands free on your Accounting Activities.

An Accounting Software or Bookkeeping Service Provider can give you a sigh of relief in handling your finances better while improving your operational performance.

It even helps you think in different horizons and make better decisions, by getting the budget and forecasting done accurately.

Besides, once can embrace the accounting solution technology for accounts payable automation and accounts receivable management.

Fortunately, Nimble Property has it all! Trusted by 300 plus major brands in Hotel Industry, it is helping hoteliers and managers in managing their accounts better, while improving their financial performance exceptionally and letting them focus more on BIGGER PICTURE ‘Guests’

Unlike other Hotel accounting software & bookkeeping service providers, Nimble stands tall for having an exclusive hotel-specific features and functionality, that break all the accounting & finances management blockades.


# Fits any Property Size
# Cloud Based
# Zero Maintenance
# Hassle Free UI
# Bookkeeping Services
# Economic Pricing
# Quick & Easy Setup

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