Nimble showcases @2019 RLH Corporation’s Conference, Brand Showcase & Expo

The RLH Corporation Conference 2019 successfully held at The Mirage, Las Vegas, USA; starting from 9 th to 11 th December. Nimble Property took part in this most exciting and renowned Brand Showcase, followed by the Expo and witnessed an overwhelming response during the 3-Day event.

Over 5000+ visitors, 500+ exhibitors and hospitality professionals including Nimble Property participated from across the US in this Conference, Brand Showcase and Expo. Rich informative topics were covered across the interactive panels and Nimble took its share by explaining how the tailored Hotel Accounting Software & cutting-edge bookkeeping services will help hotels in maximizing their profits and improving the overall bottom-line.

Mr. Kapoor, who’s recognized as the ‘Best Indian Chef’ is seen on one of the panel. Shared his excitement to be a part of the event and meet leaders & stakeholders in the Hotel field from United States.

Overall The 2019 RLH Corporation Conference, Brand Showcase & Expo stood as a great insightful platform for ideas exchange, new client acquisition, revenue- generating programs, futuristic sessions and great deals.

Thanks to the audience and attendees for the willingness and time spent to know, how Nimble is making a difference in the Hotel Industry.

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