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Is Accounting Software important to run a Hotel?

Over the past years, the accounting software market is continually sighted to have a steady growth as many businesses realize its importance.

Analysts from one of the global technology research and advisory company forecasted that, the accounting software market has a potential to rise 6% by 2021.

And, when it comes to the Hospitality Industry, many hoteliers are switching to accounting solutions to handle their finances. But, have you ever wondered what makes it really beneficial?

Here’s why hotel accounting software is useful for any sized business,

  • Automates redundant tasks
  • Minimizes administration efforts
  • Helps in avoiding taxation blues
  • Turns data into intelligent Insights
  • Simplifies payable processing
  • Helps in overseeing the cash flow
  • Consolidates multiple accounts 
  • Cuts down operational costs
  • Gets the math done for you
  • Enables seamless accessibility

Above and beyond, finding the right Hotel Accounting & Bookkeeping Partner will make a difference.

Without that, you would be probably wasting time and money, keeping you plunge to provide stellar experience to your guests.

Nimble Property, being one of the unsurpassed tailored Hotel Accounting Software, bundled with significant features to fulfill all your accounts and finances handling.

Automating redundant tasks

In a hotel, when it comes to daily sales entering and tracking, you general manage may feel intimidating as its time consuming and involves enormous efforts.

Even for accountants, they may face hassles in cross verifying the books of accounts and during the bill entry process.

Software like Nimble Property leverages automation and integration, helping you evade from such redundant tasks.

Minimizes administration efforts

The hotel administration team are the backbone of your hotel. Their efforts go waste when the guests’ monitoring become complex. That’s not a good indication!

So, to keep their hands-free and create a productive space for ‘em, try Nimble and get them a seamless access to the ADR, RevPAR and room occupancy on an intuitive dashboard.

Helps in avoiding taxation blues

Using a reliable Hotel Back Office Accounting Software like Nimble will keep your revenue and expenses in place.

Recording everything in an organized way helps your accountant compile and export reports as or when required with ease.

And, during the tax season you won’t face any headaches or fall shorter in the audit process.

Turns data into intelligent Insights

As a hotelier, it becomes decisive thing to get insights on your hotel performance.

Nimble Property – Hotel Accounting Software comes with Business Intelligence, allows you to better visualize and utilize the data.

It helps you centralize all your KPI’s, letting you make informed business decisions.

Simplifies payable processing

Poorly run bills processing may cause you problems in handling your accounts payables and the consequences can be extreme.

Nimble Property’s simple OCR upload feature lets you scan bills and populate automatically.

Without a glitch, you can grant an access and give privileges to your staff for the approval of Bills.

Helps in overseeing the cash flow

As a hotelier, you got to stay on the top of Account Payables & Receivables to maintain cash flow streamlined.

With Nimble, it becomes easy to oversee the cash flow and evaluate your financial health & earnings through seamless access of financial statements, including balance sheet, income statement and cash flow report.

Consolidates multiple accounts 

Life becomes so easy if you can manage everything at one place! Lookout for a software like Nimble Property, as it enables single login for your Hotel Chain or Group of Hotels.

It becomes so easy for you to place all your properties side by side and generate combine reports and process intercompany transactions. Just within few clicks!

Cuts down operational costs

Automating your Hotel Accounting will save your money that’s going excess in handling books manually.

Paying on annual basis for Nimble Property gets your work done in shot, so you can focus more on running your hotel and satisfying guests.

Rather spending millions on superfluous operational costs, it’s better to go with one time subscription for lifetime accounting problems.

Gets the math done for you

Even if your accountants are excellent in math, ultimately the accuracy may not be 100 percent. And, accuracy is what it’s needed in accounting process!

Despite of having all your financial records in order, there might still be potential for errors. And, when your business grows the accounting responsibility even more increases.

Besides Accounting Software, Nimble Property extends its portfolio by providing Hotel Bookkeeping Services, where the experts will handle all your math and gives you strategic business advice.

Enables seamless accessibility

When you have your accounting system on the Cloud, it turn out to be easy to access it from anywhere at any time.

Nimble Property, being a cloud-based hotel accounting software lets you access to all your financial happenings. It doesn’t limit your access to just an office desktop.

On-the-Go, you can handle your accounting! And, in fact 83% of hoteliers are more satisfied when the accounting solution is offered on smart devices.

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