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Add more value to your hospitality business

With a collection of valuable hotel accounting features & impeccable functionality, Nimble Property minimizes the administrative efforts and operational costs associated with your hospitality management.

Business Intelligence

Our system leverages BI to transformyour data into insightful hotel performancestatistics to help you make informeddecisions.

AP Automation

Optimize your cash flow with NimbleProperty’s accounts payable automation.

Enterprise Solution

Manage your labor, consolidate accounts,control finances, minimize manual entryerrors, and seamlessly integrate toproperty management software.

Financial Management

Empower your business by gainingaccess to all your properties’ dailyrevenue analysis, sales insights, andfinances.

Hotelier Friendly

Organize your Guest Satisfaction, STR, Accounts, PMS Feeds and Banking with Nimble Property’s intuitive & responsive accounting system.

Intuitive Interface

Our simple and easy-to-use interface isaccessible and easily customizable.


A tailor-made accounting and analyticssolution, Nimble Property supports allfacets of accounting: AP, AR, P&L,Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements,Inventory Tracking, Expense Analysis,Sales Records, Auto Banking, ACH,Budget and Forecast, 1099, and more.


Nimble Property’s Hotel BookkeepingServices empowers you and your staff bymaking it easier to organize your books.You can save up to 50% of your time,effort, and money by using our end-to-endbookkeeping services.



Streamline your business operations withreal-time reports and customizablebenchmarking, reducing costs and timespent. Nimble Property, an all-in-one hotelaccounting and bookkeeping software,allows you to track vital information onbudgets, sales, rentals, vendor payments,accounts, finances, your process workflow, and much more.

Generate reports on expenses, payments,bills, and average sales on the go.Designed for hoteliers, our reportingstructure is customizable and gives youvisibility into your management.



Nimble Property is a premium business solution for the hospitality industry. Since its inception, it has been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Nimble Property streamlines accounting & financial process, giving hotel executives operational control.

The product is built on the latest cloud technology and can handle multiple properties, daily sales reports, cash collections, credit card reconciliation, bank statements, room occupancy and profitability analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and much more.

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