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Own a hotel business? Then it is crucial to get deep insights into your hotels performance. Be it an individual limited-service hotel or group of full-service hotels, as an owner you need to get an access to accurate business insights. That’s how you can thrive in the hospitality industry. But where you get them?

Hotel Accounting Software with Business Intelligence is what you’ve to look for! It not only allows you to better visualize and utilize the data, but also centralizes all your key performance indicators like ADR, RevPAR and Occupancy (KPI’s) on an intuitive dashboard, while alerting you on ending/overdue payments & receipts.

Nimble Property is one of the top-class Hospitality Accounting solutions which provides worthwhile insights on KPI dashboard that add value to your hotel business. State-Of-The-Art Forecasting Analytics of our hotel back office accounting software gives you insights by analyzing your data, letting you make informed business decisions.

Insights on Nimble Property’s KPI dashboard lets you,

  • View real time Occupancy, ADR & RevPAR
  • Get Revenue Analytics
  • Get competitive & sales analysis on the go
  • Compare budgets and check profitability
  • Review GSS and track daily sales
  • Receive alerts on pending/overdue receipts

Nimble Property’s intuitive dashboard displays all your business’s crucial information, leveraging a 360 degree view letting you make the best decisions.
What are you waiting for? Switch to Nimble Property today to run your business

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