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What makes Hoteliers fall in love with Nimble Property?

Hearing great success stories of our clients enlarge the heart line of our services.

Be it in crafting customer-centered Hotel Accounting Software or delivering end- to-end Hotel Bookkeeping Services.

It feels an immense pleasure to unveil our customer satisfaction facts & figures. “87% of Hoteliers partnered with Nimble Property for Accounting are outperforming in the competition”.

It’s because, their accounting & bookkeeping are in safe hands and all they have is a large space to focus on ‘Guests’.

Since inception, we’re proving to be the best in creating value and empowering hoteliers by delivering exceptional accounting & bookkeeping solutions.

Enough exaggeration? Let’s now discuss the exact reasons that make Hoteliers fall in love with Nimble.

Revenue Management

Nimble Property is making a difference to various Hospitality Industry owners by helping them reduce revenue leakages, while ensuring sustainable and higher profits.

Designed with precision & efficiency, our Hotel Accounting Software works like a wonder, aiding hoteliers to control their expenses and increase revenue by enabling on time data feeds.

Department-wise expense analysis is done well here, while accurate results are given.

Business Insights

The Intuitive Dashboard of Nimble displays Hotelier’s crucial information, by leverage a 360 degree view, making it easy to make better decisions.

Driven with machine learning technology, Nimble Property gives intelligent insights on KPI dashboard, allowing hoteliers to better visualize and utilize the data of their hotel or group of hotels.

Transforming Data into Insights – Nimble Property’s KPI system displays,

  • Real time Occupancy, ADR & RevPAR
  • Property-wise Banking Summary
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Competitive & Sales Analysis
  • Budgets Comparison
  • Review GSS & STR
  • Daily Sales Tracking
  • Profit & Loss Summarization
  • Alerts on Pending/Overdue Receipts
Multi-Property Management

Be it group or individual Hotel Owner, Nimble Property enables Single Login for Group of Hotels, making it easy for hoteliers manage everything at one place.

All-inclusive dashboard gives an overview on group of hotels’ Bank Balance, Room Occupancy, RevPar, Avg. daily revenue, Profits & Expenses, just at a glance.

60+ hotel-specific reporting structure lets the hotelier generate combined statements related to Intercompany, Profit & Loss, Income, Daily Sales, Budget, Balance Sheet, Accounts Payables etc.

For all group of hotels, one can analyze departmental wise Operational Budget enabled with Statistics.

Financial Automation

Hoteliers can seamlessly automate their Payables Processing with onetime OCR Scanning. Many make a move to our automated Hotel Bookkeeping Software to say goodbye the humdrum routine of manual bills processing.

With the simple OCR upload feature Nimble, the operations become easier, as the bills can be effortlessly scanned and populated automatically.

All that has to be done is, just scanning physical copy of vendor invoices. Nimble will automatically convert ‘em into bill entries.

Furthermore, the automated Bank Reconciliation process ease the painstaking manual process, letting them stay on top of their taxes at the end of fiscal year.

Performing daily, month-on-month bank reconciliation is done in an automated way.

No Maintenance Burden

The software maintenance & upgrades of Nimble Property are included in the subscription itself, so Hoteliers can stay free from the burden of high maintenance bearing costs.

No hidden charges included or upfront cost is needed and it’s quicker to implement. Nimble Property is a prominent example of best-in-class Hotel Accounting Software, tailored to simplify the Accounting needs in the Hospitality Industry.

Bookkeeping Support

Nimble Property, being trusted Hotel-specific Bookkeeping service provider is helping hoteliers in dealing with all bookkeeping complexities.

By facilitating accurate bookkeeping experts, Nimble works efficiently in cleaning up books, providing weekly financial reports and most importantly, experts give strategic advice on hoteliers’ business health.

Nimble Bookkeeping flawlessly prepare income statement, balance sheet; reconcile bank accounts and update financial reports making hoteliers life much easier.

Final Thoughts

While Accounting Solutions are increasing these days in leaps and bounds, but not many are poised to be Hotel Specific. But, Nimble is best example to stand tall as a tailored Hotel Accounting & Financial Solution.

At Nimble Property, we are being partnered with countless satisfied customers for a long time now. Because of the reason – We understand their business over time and help them consistently in dealing with complex accounts and finance surprises as their business grows.

We understand the Accounting Challenges are Compelling and we’ll give our 100% to overcome ‘em, with confidence!

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