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Everything you need to know as a HOTEL property OWNER to be SUCCESSFUL

Regardless of the era, it’s being ascertained that property owners in the hospitality industry deal with myriad day-to-day operations, accounts and finances.

It’s an everyday hustle! If you own a group of hotels, then it becomes even more tougher to manually analyze budgets, daily revenue, track sales & profits and manage AP and rentals.

Accounting and financial analysis plays a predominant role in measuring your company’s performance and operating a successful hospitality business by meeting expected strategies, goals, and objectives.

However, it sounds intimidating and complicated for hoteliers or owners to go traditional way, due to the paperwork nightmares and spreadsheet errors involved.

Embrace the Technology to drive your property’s growth & performance –

Times are changing so it’s requisite to adapt to the technological advancements and embrace the automation era.

Consolidate your accounts and operations with an automated hotel management software to empower your overall business performance.

Gain insights on your financial and operational data of multiple properties in real time, all at one place.

Manage your labor better, automate you Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, Analyze your expenses, budget & forecast with ease, integrate you GSS to assist customers in a healthier way.

You might have had enough of it in managing your hotel properties manual way, now it’s the time – Say goodbye to it!

Nimble Property is here, hit those manual error-prone barriers of managing labor, controlling finances, optimizing cash-flow, analyzing budgets, daily revenue, tracking daily sales & profits, managing AP and rentals.

It’s a tailor-made accounting & analytical solution precisely designed for hoteliers and property owners to support all facets of the accounting & simply operations’ workflow.

Consolidated reports on balance sheets, profit & loss, cash-flow statements, sales records, banking & ACH (Receipts & Payments), you can manage everything with ease.

A short glimpse of Nimble Property features,

Accounting ModuleOperations Module
Multi – Property ManagementDaily Hospitality based Reports
Accounts Payable AutomationOCR – Image Scanning System
Accounts Receivable Management GSSGSS Info
Auto BankingPMS Integration
ACH (Receipts & Payments)Daily Activity Tracking
Budget & ForecastOperational Budget & Forecast
Expense AnalysisSTR Import
Basic InventoryKPI’s Dashboard
Standard Financial reportsIndustry Standard Reporting
1099Manager Login

You can do actually much more than this – SEE IT IN ACTION.

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