Hotel Accounting Software

What is the best accounting software for hotels?

Nimble Property is the most hassle-free cloud based Hotel Accounting Software tailored for the hospitality industry.

This best-in-class business solution enables effective financial and operational performance by supporting all facets of accounting in hotels. Since its inception, Nimble Property has been in the forefront of increasing hotels efficiency, while reducing the overheads of hoteliers, managers and accountants in handling numbers and operations.

Why Most Hoteliers Rely On NIMBLE PROPERTY –


With a great collection of valuable hotel accounting features, nimble property’s simple and easy-to-use interface is very interactive & easily navigable.


The software maintenance & upgrades are included in the subscription, so you can stay free from the burden of bearing high maintenance costs.


Accounting & Bookkeeping services are fairly priced, if compared across the market and Nimble offers a strong commitment to deliver best quality in a timely manner.


Here at Nimble Property the team of experts provide a high level of truly proactive product support and assistance, ensuring users have an uninterrupted accounting journey.


Nimble Property makes it easy to set up the software on your cloud or internal company server, besides providing hosted solution.

Unlike other accounting software, ‘Nimble Property’ stands as a unique and remarkable as it breaks hotel management blockages with its significant accounting features and impeccable functionality.

Most importantly, it helps you managing group of hotels’ accounting, all at one place on a single dashboard by leveraging integration and automation with Nimble Property.

Nimble Property – Salient features & benefits:

Daily Sales Automation: Reduce the overheads of your hotel managers by simplifying the daily sales tracking

Multi-Property Management: Consolidates all your Multi-property accounts at once place.

Bill Import/Approval: Automate your Accounts Payable process and streamline billing process.

Budget & Forecasting: Lets you do accurate budget & forecasting to make better decisions.

GSS & STR: Enables Guest Satisfaction Survey & STR Import to provide a detailed view on guest comments, feedback and competitor analysis.

Intuitive Dashboard: Generates day-to-day combined & independent reports of all your hotels, on a centralized dashboard.

Industry Standard Reporting: Let’s you access the most essential 60+ financial and operational reports to run your hotel smoothly.

Bank Reconciliation: Integrates with all financial institutions to letting you reconcile your bank books and download bank feeds.

Hotel Bookkeeping: Nimble Property even delivers significant bookkeeping services to reduce your valuable time and efforts.

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