Custmoize Icon Multi – Property Management

Nimble Property made it easy for you to manage all your properties on Nimble’s intuitive Dashboard from a single login. Now, you can generate combined Reports of your hotels and inter property transactions at a go.

Overview of all your corporations & team like never before

  • Centralize your multiple hotel group finances efficiently at one place
  • Record & track inter-property operations just in few clicks
  • Anytime Anywhere access to all your properties on single screen
  • Intercompany Reports, Transfers, P & L, Balance Sheets streamlined

Custmoize Icon Accounts Payable Automation

Automate the bill entry process of creating and updating your Accounts Payable vendor records within few clicks. Dramatically improve the visibility and control you have over the AP management process.

Experience the Automation process and acquire room to grow

  • Upload vendor invoices with OCR, interlink to the relevant Purchase orders
  • Get on time alerts & updates on the dashboard for pending & overdue payments
  • Both AP and POs are built with an approval feature, making it convenient for your corporate accounting team.

Custmoize Icon Accounts Receivable Management

Stay up to date on your Accounts Receivable (AR) by integrating your hotel’s PMS into Nimble Property. All your AR data will be updated into our books of accounts, giving you customized alerts.

Be it limited/ full-service or rent-based hotel, get paid on time

  • Manage all your properties Guest, Advance and City ledgers automatically
  • Process built with an approval feature at your corporate accounting team level
  • Get timely alerts and updates on dashboard for pending & overdue Receipts

Custmoize Icon Banking

Connect your bank accounts of all your hotels with Nimble Property, reconcile them accordingly to avoid mismatches. Compare your records against the bank records with ease and identify any unusual transactions caused by accounting errors.

Keep all your bank accounts in sync – Automate | Reconcile | Get Feeds

  • Easy connectivity of your multiple properties’ bank accounts directly from nimble
  • Download & reconcile the transaction feeds automatically, just few clicks away
  • Realtime bank balances of all your properties from the dashboard widget, with a single login

Custmoize Icon ACH (Receipts & Payments)

Now, you can make wide variety of payments and collect receipts faster and easier electronically. Money to pay and receive, both books of entries will be interlinked automatically within the data entry of Nimble Property.

Streamline the processing of payments – Pay & Get Paid FASTER!

  • Process ACH payments to suppliers, receive customer payments via inbuilt payment gateway
  • Minimize accounting hours through interlinked Books of accounts and reconciliation
  • Consolidated ACH (Automated Clearing House) accounting functionality optimizes cash flow

Custmoize Icon Expense Analysis

Control your hotel expenses and increase your revenue with department wise data feeds on Nimble Property’s dashboard. In detail graphical representation & analysis with drilldown capability is enabled on responsive widget of the dashboard.

Consolidated expense analysis across entire hotels on the interactive dashboard

  • Get your hotel’s department-wise expenses to control your leakages
  • Accurate analysis view on wide-range specific reports access
  • Know how high or low is your expenses for concerned department

Custmoize Icon Basic Inventory

This strategic management features helps you become proactive in managing your inventory by tracking and forecasting smartly based on rooms’ occupancy to boost your hotel’s profitability, maintaining balanced stock levels by month end.

Determine the correct levels and estimate time to reorder inventory supplies

  • Track your supplies and amenity items which are running out of Inventory with ease
  • Develop a perpetual inventory system to streamline reordering and avoid shortages
  • Forecast the Inventory based on your next month’s predicted occupancy percentage & budget estimation.

Custmoize Icon Budget and Forecast

Discover the best budgeting and forecasting practice for your multi‐unit hotel departments with statistics. Benchmark your expenses and forecast budgets for the upcoming year, everything consolidated on a customizable dashboard.

Plan for capital expenditures of your hotel departments by forecasting current budgets.

  • Prepare next year budgets, based on the estimation and demand of current year to operate the hotel more efficiently.
  • Build your department-wise expense budgets accurately on a single screen, by uploading directly into Nimble.
  • Adjust the upward budget percentage and process hotel undertakes by accessing Income Statement & P and L reports.

Custmoize Icon 1099

Record and manage all your vendor listings within 1099 payment tracking report at Nimble Property. Get an accurate 1099 vendor payment data done for the particular time, just within in few clicks away from anywhere at any time.

Properly track your hotel’s 1099 vendors with Nimble Property’s Reporting

  • Track 1099 vendor payments and transactions in a timely manner.
  • V2V listings in Nimble Property lets you manage vendor bills with ease.
  • 1099 data lets you determine, who your vendor is from the reports section.

Custmoize Icon Standard Financial Reports

Providing standard statements and reports that will be helpful in analyzing your hotel’s overall financial status. Amid regular financial reports, you can even prepare a customized Revenue statement with all your desired statistics and budgets.

Better financial transparency, quality and control with drill down capability.

  • Extensive reporting structure on your daily sales, with great customizations.
  • Department wise statistics, budget comparison, banking & reconciliation, intercompany reports at fingertips.
  • Profit & Loss (Standard/Details), Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Income Statement are just to name a few.

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