Free Accounting Software vs Nimble Property

Is a free accounting software for hotel business a ‘CHEER’ or ‘DISMAL’?

In today’s economic climate, it may seem a wise idea to work with free accounting software for hotel business. But, there are many negative aspects that come along. “for anything worth having one must pay the price”

One that is typically overlooked is the fact that these free programs do not provide professional service or support.

When a member of staff (accountant or manager) at a hotel business needs assistance, they have to rely on searching for the relevant expertise. This could result in delays during audits and may even cause confusion in the back-office accounts. Plus, when it’s time to lay budgets, this software can cause frustration as it doesn’t offer any budgeting & forecast functionality at all.

Ultimately, free accounting software should be used but only as a supplement to other business systems and processes rather than as a replacement for proper accounting procedures and bookkeeping support or assistance platforms such as Nimble Hotel Accounting Software.

This is because it consists of low costs and no licensing fees. However, free accounting software also proves to come with a number of disadvantages that may outweigh the benefits.

It could also mean relying on a system that isn’t based on your industry standards to get accurate reporting and metrics on your business performance.

As well as being difficult to set up, the fact that it is free means that there are no guarantees that it will be compatible with other components on the business’s server or workstation. For example, if not set up right then there is a risk that the hotel software could lead to problems such as data corruption or even complete system failure.

Even though there is a lack of support with free accounting software, the main reasons why these programs should never be used are because they often do not offer any form of basic features such as bookkeeping, daily sales automation or aging info review & management.

Essentially, the only advantage that free accounting software for hotel business can offer is that it goes easy on pricing front. But, like we intended they can be plagued with bugs, which means that these features may not work as intended or at all for your hotel. Furthermore, the free accounting software can track some data, but not all of it.

Thus, when it comes to choosing a hotel accounting software there are only two options; a firm that provides high service standards at good levels of support and information or a cheaper product where support is not available. Ultimately, it is up to the individual hotel or enterprise to decide which option is the best for them.

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