Is quikbooks for hotels the right choice

Is Quickbooks for Hotels the right choice?

If you’re considering using quickbooks for hotels and are concerned about lacking functionality, you can stop worrying and keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 things that quickbooks for hotels does not offer, but is worth considering when shopping around for a tailored hotel accounting software.

A built-in account reconciliation tool: Quickbooks only offers a budgeting function, meaning that there is no way to break down your expenses or have them automatically line up with your income. For many hotel businesses, this is one of the single most important features they need in their accounting software and it’s not offered by quickbooks for hotels.

Functionality for multiple warehouses or locations: Quickbooks for hotels only offers reports, not functionalities. This means that you cannot simply view your profits and losses, but must manually digest all of the numbers yourself, without any kind of report function to help you out.

Workflow abilities that allow you to assign tasks and delegate them to other staff members, without having to enter into separate windows or applications. You cannot use quickbooks for hotels for workflow at all—not even a little bit!

Mobile functionality: Quickbooks for hotels does not offer mobile functionality. This means that you cannot access your data from anywhere, including on the go.

A dashboard for your business as a whole: Quickbooks for hotels only offers reports and manual entry of data, not a dashboard to monitor your numbers. Especially, operation info regards to checks to be printed, bills info, banking summary, dues, journals and sales .

A way to produce invoices or do bookkeeping: You can’t use quickbooks for hotels for invoicing or other bookkeeping tasks. Quickbooks for hotels only offers the ability to enter financial information manually and has no accountant features whatsoever. This means that if you need to manage over 100 different accounts, quickbooks for hotels is not the tool for you.

These are a handful of the top 8 things that quickbooks for hotels is lacking. If you’re looking for a comprehensive set of tools that includes hotel-specific report generation, bank reconciliation, AP processing, daily sales automation, and a dashboard view of your business, then quickbooks for hotels might not be the accounting software for you.

If you’re still interested, check out our infographic below to learn more about why you should choose Wheelhouse Software for your hotel accounting software needs.

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Quickbooks may be great for some industries and not so great for others. It all depends on what type of customer you want to serve and what industry you are in. Especially if you are in the hospitality industry, you’ll need an authentic solution tailored for you.

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