Hotel Operations Streamlined

Unleash the gateway of excellence in handling operations

Start your successful journey with nimble to streamline your operations, while reducing enormous time and
efforts to release more space to focus on the big picture ‘guests’.


Big timesaving auto-updated reports to analyze and monitor day-to-day revenue & receivables. Run your hotel swiftly!

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Integrating your PMS to get all properties’ sales, receivables and statistical data into nimble books automatically.

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Metric to measure hotel reputation, by tracking customer feedbacks and guest satisfaction scores with market trends comparison.

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Strategic approach towards tracking your daily sales and revenue audits automatically, with default preconfigured integrations.

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Futuristic operations’ planning made easy through accurate budget comparison reports, with real time revenue and expenses.

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Seamlessly information sharing to track, update and cross verify cash and checks deposit. Ease your GM & corporate team’s work!

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Enhanced competitive & comparison analysis via direct STR import into Nimble, with a dashboard view on hotel status.

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Defining access and control based on the roles of your hotel manager, accountants, and staff for easy review & approvals.

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