Nimble Property Shines at AAHOACon2024

Nimble Property Shines at AAHOACON 2024

In 2024, the hotel sector was captivated by the AAHOACON event in Florida. Hospitality industry experts from all over the US gathered in the bustling metropolis of Florida for the yearly AAHOACON event. This year, from April 2nd to the 5th, the halls were filled with energy as influential personalities from the hotel sector convened to plot a route for the future. Among them was Nimble Property, a shining example of providing solutions to manage hotels.

People were buzzing with anticipation at the Nimble Property exhibit, ready to get a peek at the cutting-edge technologies that the hotel industry would use in the future. With the release of its newest suite of AI-powered Hotel Accounting Systems, Nimble Property aims to transform the digital operations of the hospitality industry.

At the top of the list was Accounts Payable Automation by Nimble Property, which transformed the way hotel operators handled their finances. Thanks to Nimble’s state-of-the-art AI technology, you won’t have to waste time manually reviewing invoices and reconciling finances.

However, it was only the first step. In addition, attendees got a first look at Nimble Property’s Automated Bank Feeds, a tool that will make bank reconciliation much easier. Hotels will no longer have to worry about tedious data input thanks to Nimble’s software and the easy interface it provides with banking institutions.

Without including mobility, any look into the future would be lacking. The mobile app from Nimble Property was the show-stopper; it gave hotel owners the ability to run their businesses whenever and wherever they liked. The Nimble Hotel Accounting Software’s Mobile App equips hotels with the ability to make well-informed choices instantly thanks to its user-friendly layout and robust features, such as a KPI Dashboard that provides real-time analytics.

Nimble Property’s reaction from industry professionals was the most exciting part of their exhibit at AAHOACON. Whether you’re an old hand in the hotel industry or just starting, everyone agrees that Nimble’s cutting-edge software solutions are much more advanced.

Attendees were astounded by the ingenuity brought to the table by Nimble Property. You can’t put a price on their Accounts Payable Automation. Nimble clearly understands the challenges faced by hotels and is dedicated to providing solutions that simplify our lives.

The guests agreed that the ability to access real-time data and insights from any location is a game changer. The team at Nimble is innovative.

One thing was crystal evident when the lights went down at AAHOACON 2024, Nimble Property is spearheading the movement to reimagine the hotel industry. It is enabling hotels to seize the digital revolution and achieve unprecedented success with its groundbreaking AI-driven software solutions.

Therefore, the message is loud and clear: Nimble is the future of hospitality for all those hotels who want to be ahead of the curve. If you accept it, your company will grow exponentially.

Let us explore more about the Nimble Hotel Accounting Software’s Advanced features that were showcased at the event.

1.    AI-Driven Accounts Payable Automation

2.    Banks Feed

3.    KPI Dashboard (Nimble Analytics)

4.    Mobile Application Development

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Accounts Payable Automation

With accounts payable automation get real-time information on unpaid bills, and vendor dues, and learn about aging information comfortably. The advanced Objective Character Reading technology extracts data from scanned invoices accurately. You can easily approve the bills and transition them into payables.

Make payments to the vendors in the following modes:

1. Direct Print: Seamlessly print checks from your office, saving you time and hassle.

2. ACH Payment: Experience the convenience of bank-to-bank money transfers via the trusted Automated Clearing House Network.

3. Nimble Check Print Service: Let us handle the check printing for you, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every step.

4. Direct Deposit: For our Canadian clients, enjoy the simplicity and security of direct deposit.

Banks Feed:

Nimble Property’s Bank Feeds interface, seamlessly connects your accounts with Plaid, Yodlee, FINICITY, or MX. Sync bank and credit card transactions daily, effortlessly categorized and matched. Our AI-powered Hotel Accounting System auto-reconciles Credit card deposits, Cash, and Checks from Property Management Systems, with 4-way reconciliation including Open bills, Payments, receipts matching, and custom rules. Our user-friendly interface ensures ease of navigation for all users. Simplify your financial processes with Nimble Software.

Nimble Analytics (KPI Dashboard)

With our dashboard, you can dive deep into departmental revenue breakdowns, track pending cash and card receipts, and account receivables, and manage cash flow like a pro. We’ve even got a dedicated section to keep tabs on what you owe vendors – talk about staying organized!

The Flex Analysis feature lets you assess your property’s performance over time. 

Customizable expense analyses for every department, covering everything from payroll to F&B expenses. Every financial detail can be viewed in graphical and tabular formats.

The dedicated Financial KPI section has got you covered with comparative analytics of balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and more.

In the Labor section, you’ll find projections that help you optimize your workforce, ensuring that your payroll aligns perfectly with your revenue and occupancy rates.

The dashboard also projects Smith Travel Research data and Guest Satisfaction Surveys, which display the company’s performance against a set of competitors and also, export the reviews from the dashboard to get detailed views of the guests. It helps you prepare a new sales strategy or improve your services.

Ready to transform your hospitality management? Head to our website to learn more about Nimble Property and take your business to new heights!

Mobile Application Development:

The mobile application makes you work on the move, it gives great comfort to decision-makers to immediately respond to any kind of situation, as the real-time financial data. The nimble provides all the features embedded in the desktop application to the mobile application as well. From occupancy rates to advanced analytics, crucial financial information can be accessed easily irrespective of geographical location on an internet-friendly device.


Nimble Property has showcased the most advanced features of hotel accounting software, in the prestigious AAHOACON 2024 held in Florida. It received a massive response from the attendees, many of them showered interest in the product and appreciated the efforts of the team, continuously striving to simplify the accounting practices in the hotel industry with artificial intelligence. 

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