Visualizing The Success Using Nimble’s Powerful KPI Dashboard

Building a sales strategy in the competitive business landscape requires inputs from the most trusted sources. The hotel industry has all such sources in the form of Smith Travel Research Reports and Guest Satisfaction Surveys. If all this information is used effectively, then any hotel business can easily sail in the competitive markets. There are several tools available in the global market. But Nimble Hotel Accounting Software’s dashboard is unique, it brings all the financials, and key performance indicators onto a single platform.

For businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, understanding intricate details of performance metrics and strategizing accordingly can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

Nimble Hotel Accounting Software: KPI Dashboard – My Daily Review Section

Nimble is a Cloud-Based Hospitality Accounting Software. It has a robust dashboard, and a central command center designed to provide users with the best view of their operations. Boasting a user-friendly interface, the dashboard offers two primary views – graphical and tabular, along with customizable widgets to tailor the experience to individual requirements.

Sales and Property Overview:

Gain the hotel’s performance with insights into key metrics such as occupancy rate, average daily rate, revenue per available room, accounts receivables, and payables. Accounting Software for the Hospitality Industry showcases key metrics that are essential for assessing the financial health and operational efficiency of your property.

Expense Analysis:

Keep a close eye on your expenses with department-wise breakdowns compared to budget allocations. Identifying areas of overspending or inefficiencies early on allows for timely corrective action, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Food and Beverage Management:

Track food and beverage expenses and inventory valuation to maintain cost control without compromising quality. With detailed insights into inventory levels and expenditures, you can streamline procurement processes and minimize waste.

Labor Analysis:

Efficient staffing is critical in the hospitality industry. One of the Hotel Accounting Modules’ My Daily review provides department-wise labor analysis, enabling you to optimize staffing levels for maximum productivity while controlling labor costs.

Guest Satisfaction:

Understand your guests’ experience through satisfaction surveys (GSS) and benchmark your performance against industry standards with data from the Smith Travel Research (STR). Identifying areas for improvement based on guest feedback is key to enhancing overall guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Nimble Hotel Accounting Systems – Financial KPI

The Financial KPI section of the Hotel Accounting Options dashboard offers a comprehensive snapshot of the hotel’s financial health, projecting key metrics onto graphical representations. Through visualized Balance sheets, Profit and Loss, and Asset and Liability Ratios, stakeholders gain insights into the hotel’s fiscal performance. The Balance Sheet graph elucidates the hotel’s assets, liabilities, and equity over a specified period, providing a clear overview of its financial position.

Simultaneously, the Profit and Loss graph delineates revenue, expenses, and net income trends, aiding in assessing the hotel’s profitability trajectory. Additionally, Asset and Liability Ratios are graphically depicted, offering a comparative analysis of the hotel’s assets against its liabilities, aiding in gauging solvency and liquidity. This graphical representation not only enhances comprehension but also facilitates strategic decision-making, enabling stakeholders to steer the hotel toward sustained financial success.

View the Labor Cost in the Entire Budget

In the Labor section of the hospitality management software dashboard, the projection of Revenue vs Payroll vs Occupancy provides a comprehensive snapshot of the hotel’s financial health. By integrating data on revenue generation, payroll expenses, and occupancy rates, hotel managers can make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and maximize profitability. The breakdown of Payroll Departments offers granular insights into staffing needs across various operational areas, enabling efficient workforce management.

Additionally, the detailed analysis of Payroll Costs within the budget highlights areas of potential cost savings or overspending, allowing for strategic adjustments to ensure financial targets are met. With this best view of labor-related metrics, hotel administrators can implement targeted strategies to enhance operational efficiency, maintain competitive labor costs, and ultimately drive sustainable growth in revenue and profitability.

Smith Travel Research Reports

In the STR section within the Hotel Accounting System’s Dashboard hoteliers can view insightful projections of Property scores derived from competitors’ data sourced from Smith Travel Research (STR). Users can access this invaluable information in various formats, including monthly, weekly, and annual data sets, presented both graphically and in tabular form. Through meticulous analysis of this data, hotel managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their property’s performance relative to competitors, enabling informed decision-making to enhance market positioning and profitability.

The graphical representations offer intuitive visualizations, allowing for quick identification of trends and patterns, while the tabular formats provide detailed numerical insights for deeper analysis. Leveraging this robust feature, hotel stakeholders can strategize effectively, capitalizing on strengths and addressing weaknesses to stay ahead in the business.

Cash and Card Details

The Cash and Card section within the Nimble Hotel Accounting Software Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of financial transactions, projecting outstanding amounts and money received from diverse sources such as Amex Cards, Visa, Mastercards, and other relevant payment methods. This section provides hotel management with vital insights into their revenue streams, facilitating efficient tracking and management of incoming funds. By analyzing the data presented in this section, hotel administrators can gain a clear understanding of their financial health, identifying trends and patterns in customer payment behavior.

Additionally, the section may include other pertinent financial details, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding budgeting, forecasting, and optimizing revenue generation strategies. With this powerful tool at their disposal, hoteliers can streamline their financial operations, maximize revenue opportunities, and ensure the smooth financial functioning of their establishment.


Nimble Hotel Accounting Software’s dashboard has amazing features that showcase the overall financials of the organization. Its graphical and table view of analytics gives a detailed view of Accounts payables, receivables, budget forecasting, GSS and STR reports, information about outstanding balance, and a few other details. 

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