Hotel Accounting Challenges

Top 4 Accounting Challenges Hotel Industry Facing the Today

It’s no secret that in hotel business world, accounting and finances sound to be complex for many hoteliers as they come with their own set of unique challenges. Those challenges often come at times when hotels are already thin in terms of time and resources.

Ownership demands for more, better and faster data, for which operators actually face the challenge of doing more within less time, without increasing resources or staff. This same struggle will applied when it comes to manage hotel properties’ finances and business accounts.

When it comes to hotel finance and accounting, experts looks at four most common challenges faced across hotel management and will walkthrough trough the hacks regards ‘how to solve them.’

1. Enterprise Resource Planning

Every hotel enterprise wants to build its own company’s back office system to handle the day-to-day finances and accounting aspects of the business, because most drivers prefer a custom-built Lamborghini or Bugatti.

But when it comes to management companies, they may work for multiple ownership hotel groups, which often have diverse expectations and deadlines. There emerges a real challenge and that is hoteliers must implement affordable and scalable solutions that meet their expectations.

In this case, one can opt for available Solutions are available to invest in hotel-sector-custom built technology.

Through a month-to-month membership or subscription of best-of-breed accounting and financial technology, all hoteliers, starting from an individual hotel owner to large portfolio-management companies can be benefitted.

Even the minimum or no training and expertise is required as almost all applications are hotel-friendly and inbuilt formulas are set for RevPAR or ADR.

Adopting solutions developed by hoteliers, especially for hotels, gives consumers a significant grip on their competition and becomes a critical leg to lift up for

business growth. It likes to roll out a new and shiny model from the showroom floor every single day.

2. Dealing With Staff Changes

Right from the front desk to housekeeping and security to management staff, there seems to be an infinite number and type of employees in the hotel industry.

These people can be part-time, full-time or for tips and they may also work from various locations and staffing needs vary from day to day depending on the demand.

There comes the challenge: How hotels can meet their labour demands without overstaffing while staying within budget?

And, the solution is real-time monitoring of labour. It is essential for hotels to be balanced between monitoring daily labour costs, overtime management, overseeing daily payroll transactions and even accessing regular reporting tasks.

Cloud-based reporting tools really help to manage in monitoring and managing process for handling transactions in real time and provide revenue management to hotel owners.

Adopting a solution that includes job standards along with the budget numbers flawlessly allows operators to have the right staff in place based on previous night’s stay and conditions.

3. Overloading Of Data

Almost all hotels have an access to multiple data sets, which include STR reports, PMS data, guest satisfaction surveys (GSS), guest comments and financial data, related to multiple properties. With an abundant volume of data, many hotel businesses suffer from paralysis through analysis. With the hotel arena constantly claiming to have data, it is challenging to understand how that data to be used and determine the story of business happenings.

A centralized hotel accounting platform is the best solution here.

The average hotel business owner will sink their data into the lake if they don’t have a life-saver of easy-to-operate hotel accounting software operations-management platform, that enabled all-in-one dashboard and mobile

accessibility. With data overload, it is important to have business-intelligence and analytics tools to show where hotel efficiency can be improved and costs reduced. The hotel accounting and operations-management platform that allows hotel owners to import data into a centralized dashboard helps them identifying trends and make more better & informed business decisions.

4. Handling Core challenges

Guest service, hotel daily sales, asset management, financial management, operations, accounting, cash management, balance sheet performance and maintenance are only a few of the top priorities on every hotelier to-do list.

If there are so many irons in the fire that need attention, how can a hotelier focus on the core competencies of generating revenue? And the solution is to outsource it!

Hoteliers need to look at their core competencies or else they may juggle between volatile portfolio-management, natural disasters may arise, lowered turnover, heightened man power costs, for which certain functions must be outsourced.

However, the outsourcing is not for everyone as finance and accounting challenges can be effortlessly managed through perfect supervision.

But for others, opting for Hotel Accounting Solutions could be not only an efficient solution but also cost-effective, comprehensive and a permanent life-saver thing to handle certain duties, circumstances and time frames.

Nimble Property is one the best-of-breed accounting and bookkeeping software solutions available across the market, which is successfully helping hoteliers not only handle accounting and financial challenges, but also giving a bigger picture for business growth. Give it a try –

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