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How Nimble Property Can Optimize Your Accounting Workflow

The effects of business decisions tend to follow a Pareto distribution. A minority of changes lead to the majority of the results. It can be hard to predict what choices will be the most important in advance, but systemic changes lean towards the impactful side. Unlike micro-optimizations, they ripple throughout an organization. This blog post is meant to help you understand how Nimble Property can help you execute these systemic changes.

Efficient Workflows

The core of any business is its workflow, and so changes here tend to be the most consequential. For instance, a 10% increase in worker productivity is functionally equivalent to hiring 10% more people for free. It pays to think like an engineer and to consider ways to optimize your business’s processes. It’s what helps organizations evolve and stay lean.

One of the easiest changes to make is centralization. Convolution is often confused for sophistication; in reality, it’s the simplest workflows that are the most robust. Processes with too many moving parts are inefficient. Not only is it inconvenient (and costly) to juggle different software and to constantly transfer data, with every additional step human error can slip in, resulting in expensive problems down the line.

Centralization not only saves time, but can make the time you spend more efficient. When business data is spread across many places it is difficult to draw insight. Connections and patterns are obscured by the information being in different places, making it hard to correlate. However, insight is encouraged when all the data is put in a clean interface in front of you. This allows you to make more informed business decisions.

Nimble Property is the perfect software to begin the process towards centralization. It has the vital ability to integrate with existing property management software, allowing it to seamlessly enter any workflow. Without this feature, it would only be another complicating factor to worry about.

Leverage Technology

In the 21st century, every business is a computer business. Because of this, it’s worth reminding ourselves that computers and humans are good at fundamentally different things. Computers can instantly perform well-defined tasks, but humans are good at correlating data and making judgment calls. That second part is important. Employees are paid a premium for their experience and skills. They are not meant to perform repetitive unskilled work, and their time shouldn’t be wasted on it.

Since labor is a business’s costliest resource, managers must find ways to reduce hours or make them more efficient. A major time-sink is the manual manipulation of data. Automated software like Nimble can lighten the burden on your accountants, letting them spend their time and brainpower on things computers can’t do like data analysis.

Data Integrity

Security is of the utmost importance for any business, especially when dealing with financial figures. More security is another benefit of Nimble Property. Like having a high-quality password manager is safer than having passwords written down in many places, having centralized storage is safer than spreading data over many lackluster solutions that weren’t designed with security in mind. When dealing with such important information, it makes sense to use a professional product that protects your data for you.

Cloud accounting also ensures that data is accessible. This is important since data is of no use if no one can reach it. Instead of information being stored locally on a particular machine, it is stored on a remote server that anyone with an internet connection can access.

Why Nimble?

Businesses must foster a culture of continuous improvement. They must optimize their workflow and trim waste to maintain a competitive advantage. Nimble Property is designed to help hospitality firms achieve this and has been shown to create dramatic results. Anything that can generate these results is worth entertaining, especially when trying it out is risk-free. Sign up for a free demo today.

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