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Hoteliers switch to Nimble Property During Pandemic to force-multiply accounting Efficiency

While the pandemic disruption has plunge hospitality business to a halt, hoteliers continue to push through the low occupancy situation and improve properties well-being by upgrading their accounting system. Many found that Nimble Property as a boon to optimize efficiency, as it leverages heightened automation functionality, best-in-class bookkeeping and cloud accessibility. There has been a surge in adoption in 2021 and transition to Nimble is expected to even more increase due to its affordability, functionality, effectiveness and flexibility.

Nimble Property stands out to be a game-changer in the world of hotel accounting, which is built on a strong years of financial management and bookkeeping knowledge. The automation in Accounts Payable, Daily Sales, Bank Reconciliation and Industry Standard Reporting are the features that hoteliers have been seeking the most.

Accessing financials timely from anywhere any time is really important in this contemporary world where accounting teams, hotel managers were plunge to work from home. The drill down capabilities in Nimble works like magic in crafting hotel financial statements and reports, be it for a single or multiple properties.

The fact that Nimble Property can be deployed as a hosted service, for which there’s such demand and no question that it will even more rise in the near future.

Best Western Hotels, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a privately held hotel brand under the BWH Hotel Group global network, has relied on Nimble Property for hotel accounting since years. While their properties were operating at a limited capacity during the pandemic with slowed down back office team, Nimble was the perfect medium for them to handle their finances.

They state that, with Nimble, there were no major inefficiencies nor data disruptions; all were connected and workflow was streamlined amidst COVID time, while fulfilling multi property needs.

Likewise, Navika Capital Group, Premier Hotel Group, Kalthia Group Hotels and SSN Hotels have been associated with Nimble since longtime now.

Transitioning to Nimble was really easy and given them a sigh of a relief, especially during the unprecedented pandemic times is what we hear often. Hoteliers say that it was their best ever decision they have made by switching to Nimble Property and navigation between the modules is so easy, with the drill-down reporting capabilities to be highlighted.

Moving accounting to the cloud with Nimble is not only painless but also smooth, otherwise it’s tedious and labour intensive process.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone in the hospitality industry, but Nimble Property has given its best by taking the pressure off from managing financial processes. If you’re the one who is struggling with your financial management or bookkeeping Nimble lets you operate your business efficiently with continued automation, making your journey intuitive and accomplish everything with a minimum number of steps.

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