Hotel Accounts Payable (AP) automation with AI ‘now in Nimble Property’

Keeping up with your hotel billing, most of the times mean juggling between spreadsheets and slows down your growth momentum. If this sounds like you’re walking in the same shoes, then it’s time to ask yourself, “Have I hit the point in my journey where I must automate billing process?”

Accounts payable in hotel industry plays a predominant role and embracing the automation can help your business to run it more effectively, while reduce costly errors.

With the sole intention to remove the endless pain involved in paperwork chase amidst accounts payable processing, we at Nimble Property have come up with Artificial Intelligence enabled Bill Automation with Multi-level Approval ‘Accounts Payable Solution

AP Automation With AI ‘Yet another feather in our hat’

Without having to lift a finger, Nimble lets you automate your entire accounts payable process, which otherwise takes very longer in manual way.

Our AI enabled bill automation feature and multi-level approval process frees your hotel staff from the tedious and archaic paperwork dependency, getting lost in searching cabinets, stapler and so on.

Without costing you fortune, we are here to give you a complete control on your hotel accounts payable processing, within few clicks away.

AP Automation In Nimble ‘How it works?’

All you have to do is to send vendor PDF invoices or direct payment physical receipts through email, our system will leverage the OCR Scanning and Artificial Intelligence to automatically read, convert and map them into bill entry fields: credit card, bill payment and check.

At your convenience, you can seamlessly view and approve them. Busy occupied in other work? No worries!

Our bookkeeping support is here to help out, they will make sure the data extraction and mapping is done accurate.

Without any human intervention, the process is done and well executed. It becomes easy for you to identify your outstanding payments and which bills are overdue.

Automate your hotel accounts payable processing and save your tremendous amount of time and efforts, while keeping your cash flow consistent.

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