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Why nimble property a crucial asset to hotel industry during crunch time?

The global COVID-19 outbreak changed the way hotel industry operate and led to an acute shortage of accounting workflow due to social distancing and operational crisis. Traditional accounting process make things barely possible, financial analysis become troublesome and bookkeeping demands left unsolved. It’s the time to make a transition to the cloud and seek game-changer!

While the world is in the recovery mode, it is a must for every hotelier to evade the inefficiencies in their business operations, ace top speed in accounting & bookkeeping and keep an end to legacy accounting processes.

With the present state of things forcing businesses to adapt or fall behind, there’s an urging need to access hotel accounting software and hotel bookkeeping services, which for most of hoteliers currently means a lifesaver. Here’s why every hotelier should be making the transition to Nimble’s cloud journey.

Moving accounting to Nimble’s cloud allows the user to easily save all the financial happenings in an online database, which allows to access it from anywhere, making it easy for hotel teams to collaborate seamlessly no matter where they’re around the world.

As long as you have the internet connection, Nimble cloud software allows you to visualize all your portfolio KPIs on a single dashboard – Including Occupancy Percentage, Rooms Sold, ADR, RevPar, Rooms Revenue, Income, Expenses – Everything side-by-side!

As you grow, the data storage scales up! When you have cloud platform in place, you accounting team no need to worry of storing years worth

financial documents in filing cabinets, as everything is stored and accessed automatically.

Legacy accounting system requires constant communication and physical collaboration, whereas Nimble like platform makes it easy for accounting teams to quickly login and get the tasks done, regardless of location.

Overall, cloud services of Nimble Property end up vastly reducing your amount of paperwork, saving your accountants and managers valuable time, efforts and speeding up the financial analysis, for better decision making.

The world of smart players is already transitioning largely to the cloud and upturning traditional accounting processes.

Feels promising? You’ll even more excited about how automation works in Accounts Payables and Daily Sales. Schedule a demo and speak to our expert today!

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