Hotel Accounting Effectiveness

Nimble Property – “NO-BRAINER for Hotel Accounting EFFECTIVENESS”

During this time of panic caused by COVID-19, the technology solutions are the best way to provide hotel operators more effectiveness and control of their finances.

Nimble Property is help hotels power up the financial performance during this unprecedented challenging times of unfortunate. We let you automate you accounting processes in a no-brainer routine, which would otherwise take you countless hours or even days.

With less human intervention, handling your accounting with Nimble is done in minutes and thanks for the automation and integration.

The most transformative hotel accounting modules in nimble are which a business owner might be looking for and adopt.

Our clients state that, “After using Nimble, there’re now free from all the tedious tasks, while being able to focus on their efforts on building the business back to normal”

Without any extra costs, the budgeting here in Nimble is cruised for growth and assistance provided for improving the cash flow.

General ledger (GL) generated in Nimble helps you to master and record all your hotel’s financial operations in the context of your business.

AI enabled bill automation feature simplifies your entire accounts payable process, providing you with multi-level approval. It altogether frees your tedious paperwork dependency, getting lost in searching the cabinets.

Accounts Receivable (AR) functionality in Nimble allows you to stay on top of the revenue management, prioritizing your collection process. Likewise, the daily sales automation once integrated with your PMS fetches all your hotel revenue, room occupancy and reservation details with ease, letting you have a consolidated tab on daily sales review.

Dashboard is visually rich in Nimble Property, which promptly gives you insights on all your properties’ expense analysis, performance KPIs, STR competitor analysis and GSS comments & benchmarking information, profit & loss, and AR & AP aging.

On the whole, Nimble Property eliminates all your data entry work involved in accounting, ensuring you have all your finances are accurate and in order, giving you valuable time to focus more on your business.

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