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Nimble Is The Most Recommended Hotel Accounting Software In The US Market

With high demand and higher turnover rates, finding the right Accounting Software for Hotel Business is a difficult but necessary endeavour to gain insights and increase the bottom line.

We are here to bring the most recommended software by hoteliers to light: Nimble Property. Authentically designed for full-service and limited-service hotels, it has helped hundreds of hotel owners handle multiple accounting-related tasks.

The comprehensive suite of financial modules can be customized as required to facilitate seamless cash flow management. This is all through a minimalistic, slick interface with very user-friendly features.

In 2020, Nimble Accounting LLC extended its wing into hospitality and is currently headquartered in New York.

What hotel owners say about Nimble

“Nimble Property helps us cut down time and efforts involved in managing our Daily Sales, Accounts Payables and Receivables, Budget and Forecasting, Bank Reconciliation, STR and GSS – In fact in even handling our books and giving strategic financial advice. AUTOMATION & INTEGRATION technology here is top-notch. Cheers!”

— EVP, Hotel Tech Report Review

“We are completely satisfied and convinced that Nimble Property is one of the best serving accounting partners in the hospitality industry, especially for hoteliers, accountants and managers. So we do recommend it!!!!”

“Budget and Forecasting analysis is accurate and precise in Nimble. Daily Sales is automated with PMS integration. Reports are standard and aligned for hotel accounting. Dashboarding is insightful and pretty intuitive.”

— Sharma, Software Suggest

“Staying on top of our hotel billing almost every time meant juggling between spreadsheets and slowed down our business growth momentum. We were walking in the shoes of a panicked hotelier, then it came time to ask ourselves, “Have we hit the point in our journey where we must automate our billing process?” Realizing that accounts payable in the hospitality industry plays a key role, Nimble helped us embrace automation and helped our business run more effectively, while reducing a lot of costly errors. A company with remarkable features and functionality.”

— Vara, Software Suggest

“Monitoring our hotel key performance insights, accurate budgeting, and communicating results helps us make smart business decisions, and Nimble Property also helps us understand our business’s financial health; our leaders are driving to improve the bottom line.”

— Thomas J. Hutchison, Software Suggest

Being the #1 accounting software for hotel business, Nimble Property is a cloud-based software company thriving in the hospitality world.

Nimble Property is easy to integrate with hotel PMS systems, and leverages automation technology to process accounts payable work and various other accounting jobs. This helps hotel owners, accountants, and managers run their portfolios profitably.

Nimble, the best-of-breed accounting software for the hotel industry, has also proven to be the best provider in bookkeeping software as well, increasing hotel operational efficiencies and reducing overhead involved in revenue and expense calculations.

Insights here are gold, and so facilitating them is vital. The most important aspect of Nimble is how it is most recommended for its cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, and exceptional accounting modules.

If you are looking for a top-notch accounting software for the hotel industry, switching to Nimble Property stands to be the best decision. You’ll feel the difference in your hotel management.

Most notable features:

● PMS Integration & AP Automation

● Budgeting and Forecasting

● Business Analytics Dashboard

● Automatic Bank Reconciliation

● Multi-Property Management

● 60+ Standard Financial Reports

● GSS & STR Importing/Reviewing

Popular supported integrations include, Opera, OnQ, FOSSE, Lightspeed, Skytouch, Anand Systems, Visual Matrix, SynXis, Choice Advantage, Hotel Key, Payroll, and Banking Institutions.

Another well-liked feature of Nimble is that it provides single-login access for a group of hotels, making inter-company transactions hassle-free. Gone are the days of juggling between various resources; one must only login once for a high-level view of all the properties, and to can get down to details like room occupancies, departmental income, hotel expenses and profits, GSS & STR review, and more.

Besides, this accounting software for hotel management automatically provides alerts on checks to be printed, journals to be approved, recurring dues, sales that are up for approval, and aging bills, all on a single screen.

In the unprecedented COVID pandemic, it is obvious that the hospitality industry is vulnerable to new disruptions in its workflow. Robust accounting software is a breath of fresh air for hotels and restaurants trying to maintain daily operational efficiency and organize finances, all without relying on stressed and limited staff.

Struggling to manage your finances? Exasperated with your accounting routine? Nimble Property is what you’re looking for. It’s a scalable, cloud-based accounting software for hotel businesses that has unparalleled features and functionality in its price range across the marketplace. Reach our sales and support team to schedule a FREE demo, and to take a walkthrough on how you can increase your financial performance and bottom line.

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