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Since ages, Hoteliers and the CPA’s supporting hotels have been plunge to enrol into standard accounting packages that are inclined towards one-size-fits-all. But, it’s erroneous and leads to only nightmare!

Today’s most renowned common and cheap accounting software are bound to handle standard and basic functions only, leaving a lot of room for manual data entry and laborious reconciliation process.

Using a standard accounting package results in revenue loss and profitability decline for hoteliers because they have to wait for days and weeks together just to get a daily sales or profitability report.

And, the biggest reason for this delay is the standard, sluggish and out of the reach accounting software that fail to integrate with PMS systems and offers an abundance of unwanted functionality that is of no use for hoteliers.

Hotel industry’s business requirements are very unique, unlike any other industry, from day end daily sales reporting to cash & credit card to bank reconciliation and day-to-day capture of expenses related to room services and room wise occupancy tracking, payables, receivables, budgeting and profits.

That’s the reason a hotel owner, either of a single property or multiple-properties is advisable to switch to a HOTEL-SPECIFIC accounting software like ‘Nimble Accounting’ and even CPA firms supporting hotels must practice the same to handle books better and craft daily reports accurately.

Thats why as hotel owner either of a single property or multiple property it is advisable to implement a HOTEL specific accounting software like Nimble accounting and also ensure that CPA firms supporting hotels should use Nimble accounting to manage books and create daily reports.

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