Accounting Software For Hotel Industry Leveraging Best-Of-Breed Functionality

Hotels are leveraging automation to outpace their competition in 2020 and beyond. Accounting software for hotel industry has a high stake in it, so hoteliers are earmarking in it. If you are the one who is looking forward to overcome the financial and data management complexities, while saving millions ‘Nimble Property’ comes in the forefront.

Being the #1 cloud-based accounting software for hotels, Nimble at the onset of the COVID pandemic realized the potential impact of it towards the hotel industry and working proactively to cut down the non-essential spending on the overhead.

Introducing automation in Accounts Payable process, Nimble is even more working extensively to bring in more advancements in its modules to save you for experiencing financial turmoil amid the COVID-19. With increased security, Nimble has brought immediate enhancements in its dashboard, making it more intuitive for a hotelier in monitoring hotel operations and portfolio outlook. So as a hotelier you can implement strategic plans to improve your bottom lines.

Further the support is kept operative and bookkeepers are reachable to you who can assist in making a significant amount of cost reductions in your overhead. Driving your financial performance starts with our best accounting software for hotel industry.

Developed with hotel industry expertise over the course of decades, our accounting technology and bookkeeping service are tailored perfectly to your hotel specific needs. Our system is not only intuitive, but also full functionally integrated and supported with your PMS, Banks, Payroll and Data, which doesn’t required high maintenance charges or contractual attached strings.

Not just restricted with hotel owner access, the easy-to-use accounting software for hotel management is for general managers, accountants that helps in improving hotel efficiency and drive financial performance.

No more hours go in vain in reconciling your bank accounts, PMS mapping, Budget & Forecast, generating General Ledger, Revenue & Expenses tracking, Cash Flow management, Financial Reporting, GSS & STR import and review, much more.

Impact that Nimble as a best accounting software for hotel business reduces your amount and resources spent by your management team to a 65% for sure. Generate additional revenue for your hotel by offering best-in-class service to guests. As its a cloud-based solution, the costly hardware infrastructure is detained, data is stored safe, without even worrying about an event of disaster or dependency of superfluous headcount.

It’s already evident that Nimble an efficient accounting software for hotels is providing real-time business view, with intelligent analytics, streamlining accounts with automation. So, something like a free accounting software for hotel business, if you can spend a little on a robust accounting partner like Nimble will give you commendable results in you hotelier life.

Do BETTER Accounting with Nimble Property, checkout out features:

  • · Cloud Hosting and Quick Setup
  • · Sales Data Upload with PMS Integration
  • · Single Login for Multiple properties
  • · Accounts Payable Automation
  • · STR and GSS Import
  • · Intelligent Insights on KPI Dashboard
  • · Auto Bank Reconciliation
  • · Standard Financial Reporting

Information is the boon for better hotel management process and accounting if done with Nimble, you’ll be having precise understanding on your hotel. Your managers will be able to responsibly and effectively carryout their management functions.

Our accounting software for hotel business is to ensure you drive financial performance by letting you establish goals with needful information available. Concerned to stay accountable for recording finances, reporting, summarizing and interpreting, hoteliers from renowned brands use Nimble. If you aspire to control accounting activities and plan the acquisition of your finances, for better future planning our accounting software is profitable.

Our bookkeepers stay responsible in keeping your revenue streams perfectly segregated in your books, which help you keep a track of cash inflows in related ledgers. By which you’ll get to know why properties from you portfolio are performing well and which are unprofitable.

Hawk-eye View On Your Expenses:

Hotel expenses are usually varied to be many, however they are broken down in to two main categories – one is operational and other is occupancy. In Nimble, everything is shaped well and listed in an intuitive manner, which helps you monitor everything from anywhere and lets you keep departments active and running.

Big Savings On Night Audit & Reporting:

An audit on your daily must happen on a daily basis, for which it often makes complex for your hotel accountants or night auditors. PMS integration automates the daily sales import and tracking from one place, without switching to multiple systems.

Tracking Assets & Liabilities Made Easy:

It’s an important aspect for you to keep a track of your hotel assets and liabilities, if not done your assets may depreciate. With Nimble, you’ll have a hawk-eye on your assets and liabilities, so you will never fall into a position that you lose value.

Can’t wait to cut-down your Accounting costs by 70%, without compromising on modules? Schedule a FREE Demo today!

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