Hotels In COVID 19 Times

5 Effective Business Continuity Tips During COVID-19

As the world grapple with the outspread of COVID-19, like everyone hospitality industry is also working real hard to overcome it and sustain the business continuity.

But, COVID-19 is presenting challenges on all levels, including how you can communicate with your guests without sounding like you are selling or up-selling.

Public is already inundated with the unceasing news, invariable marketing, and mundane advices — both genuine and bogus.

So, if you would like to cut through the clutter, restore or continue operations – It’s only possible with effective, predetermined & systematic messaging.

Clear and effective communication planning becomes an integral part of your preparedness and business continuity process.

We’re here to share some of the key communication strategies that were proven to really work.

Being Consistent.

Out there, you must be most likely communicating and branding through various communication channels, including social media, email, signage on hotel building and even texts.

Regardless of the method, just make sure your branding of hotel remains the same because changing your strategy during this unprecedented time can actually hinder your continued success.

Using Emails.

Most probably, you consumers’ inboxes must be flooded by now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be emailing them. But, it also means you need to really pay attention to your subject lines in-order to cut through.

Avoid the overdosed subject lines like “COVID-19 Update” which will be most likely get ignored. Instead, smartly rephrase it to something like, “Yes! we’re open.” You message should convey and make sure that you care for you guests and taking this pandemic seriously.

Always try to end the note with a gratitude expression, and share the resource, or link to the guidelines from the government to be followed.

Continuing Social Media Sharing.

Keep rolling out posts on your social media accounts, but by making adjustments to reflect the policy changes.

Share special discounts that your guests can excite about and go for online bookings. So, link to your online booking medium or your website so they know they can easily grab the offers before they end.

If your hotel lack a social media presence, now would be a great time to get started and show your customers that you’re are open in action and safe to stay. Also, it’s important to keep your eye out for questions from your potential customers that come through social media as well.

Talking to Your Loyalty Members.

If your hotel has a loyalty program, then that would unlock opportunities to communicate with members directly. Sending regular communication to them and sharing ways becomes easy, so they can support your hotel businesses. Ask these returning guests for their feedback on how you can best serve them for improved experiences. You can also offer perks, share the exclusive offers for your loyalty members.

Update. Update.. Update…

The top-priority question your guests will have for you is if your hotel is still open, and “What are your operating hours?” So, you’ve to communicate this way beyond just taping a paper sign on your hotel entrance door. Ensure that your website, social media profiles and other listings are up-to-date with your new hours. And, also don’t forget to keep a check and update your Yelp & Google pages as well.

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