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Accounting In Hospitality: Why Hoteliers Need To Focus On It ‘In The Age Of COVID-19’?

As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 forces hospitality world into digital-only way of life, it’s important for hoteliers to infuse Cloud-based Hotel Accounting experiences, which are of touchless.

By and large, accounting in hospitality is an intensive time consuming and resources investing process. In this unprecedented times of COVID crisis and rescission period, you cannot rely on waiting for bookkeepers, CPAs or accountants; finding the right hotel accounting software, that leverages cloud technology could be an idea move. But, if it’s sluggish one then it can break your business.

Nimble Property is one of the best accounting partner for you, available in the market that potentially leads you to experience operational efficiency and cost-savings that can vault you stay ahead of your competitors.

While there are diverse generic solutions available in the marketplace, you’ll need a tailor-made one with significant features and impeccable functionality like Nimble.

Widely known for its cost-effectiveness Nimble is a hosted back-office accounting solution provider precisely designed for the hospitality industry, offering state-of-the-art automation modules and intuitive intelligence UI, which is being used by most of the leading hotel brands in the U.S.

Built by professionals in the hospitality industry, exclusively for hoteliers, accountants, managers, the platform helps in simplifying the daily sales process, accounts payables automation, accounts receivables management, enabling real-time access to financial and operating information and hotel-specific reports.

Leveraging the automation and integration, you will be able to reduce the dependency of labour and overhead to afloat in the coronavirus COVID-19 unprecedented times and stay competitive in the hotel industry.

Cloud-based Hotel Accounting Software delivers actionable insights that a generic accounting system can’t

If you’re seeking to shift your focus, but unfortunately spending time and resources, maintaining off-the-shelf accounting software and infrastructure, things will not work.

It becomes burdensome and prevents your brand from reaching heights and pursue business growth goals.

Rather than continuing your focus on older, and expensive accounting and bookkeeping professions and infrastructure, look for a proactive approach like Nimble Automated Accounting Solutions, that manages your assets better and generate high returns by focusing more on growth perspective.

Hotel industry peers recommend Nimble Property – Sign onto the proven platform and right from the move, it pays you dividends, with your brand growing to more properties.

Core accounting and operations modules in the software will spur more growth. Once after adopting, the entire process becomes streamlined, letting you manage hotel chain accounting, which eliminates the need for accounting and bookkeeping staff at your hotel.

Transformative Technology For Ever-changing Hospitality Landscape

As Coronavirus COVID-19 woes the hospitality industry, cloud-hosted accounting becomes a conventional wisdom now.

Online accounting will reshape the way you do your business. For instance, the STAR program report in Nimble lets you benchmark your hotel’s performance against your competitive aggregate as well as the local market.

Likewise, the bill import & approval screen lets your manager enter bills with ease, which can later be approved by an accountant or high level management.

The STAR program is used by the global hotel industry as a vital revenue management tool. The report benchmarks a hotel’s performance against its competitive aggregate and local market. The STAR program tracks and delivers monthly, weekly and daily data.

With a single time OCR scanner configuration, you can simply scan a physical copy of your vendor invoices and nimble directly converts them seamlessly into bill entries.

Nimble’s business performance analytics dashboard, leverages business intelligence to display your business health, presenting Key Performance Indicators to empower you make better business decisions.

Without any dependency of multiple reports, resources or logging into systems – You’ll have all indications on the status of your finances, operational efficiency and business performance.

Nimble home screen widgets lets you drill down to the transaction level, just within few clicks.

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