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Hotel Industry Is Getting Back To Its Business

Since the part memorial day weekend, the hotel accommodations throughout the United States started varying in terms of occupancy levels.

Properties located in the destination areas like beaches, amusement parks and mountain resorts reported occupancy hike while other hoteliers had 20 to 30 percent boost.

Hospitality associations few days before the weekend began predicted to see dismal hotel business performances, for which hoteliers may seek Congress for the approval of additional funding to get rescued and buoyed.

But, it’s now the U.S. hotel industry seems to show itself and comeback has begun so all states may reopen their economies. In accordance with STR, the occupancy numbers are slowly and steadily increasing, while hotels are getting back to business fully-fledged. But, yet the businesses will surely be not as usual.

Travellers who are planning their business or leisure trips this summer believe that all hotels/motels in America has undergone deep cleaning and practicing heightened hygiene protocols.

In the age of coronavirus, major brands are doing pretty good job in heeding and implementing COVID-19 safety measures and preventive procedures at a very good level.

On the flip side of it, independent operators are also practicing the same, rolling out new cleaning protocols to ensure hotel guests are safe and confident regards to cleanliness once the travel resumes.

Hoteliers who fail to devise the combat methods of COVID-19 transmission will see a decline in business.

For instance, in a limited-service hotel if one employee falls ill by COVID-19 it would result in 75% of the entire staff has to be quarantined, making them fail to come to work.

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