hotel industry sees a surge in bookings interest

Peek-A-Boo Into The Near Future Of Hotel Industry

As most of the Americans are remaining to be reluctant to travel, your hotels are certainly left closed since a while now.

And, you must be wondering what might your hotel business expect over upcoming months. Yeah, we don’t have a crystal ball to predict accurate but yet the data available now is quite enough to reveal the hotel trends based on the current situation.

HOTEL INDUSTRY Expected To Be Reopened Between June & July

Many online data sources suggest and help you to do a decent forecast of the hotel industry in the near future. Globally, most of the hotels have received a green signal to be reopened by 1st June, others may foresee by 1st of July.

HOTEL BOOKINGS Are Already Picking Up Marginally

Worldwide, the bookings of hotels appeared to decline steeply in the month of April, but it has picking up marginally beginning of May.

However, when compared to the 2019 levels, the bookings remain low totalising around 12 percent.

Currently hoteliers from coastal areas are reporting that they’re witnessing a strong increase in reservations for July to August, from domestic travellers.

It seems that people are very eager to escape after the long lockdown weeks. So this upward trend in the near future may make you viable to survive the massive hit of COVID-19.

However, the impact of crisis may be disruptive for some time now. Keep reinventing and innovating your business model to move forward successfully in bad times.

Stay viable as we are heading into the positive direction, the government is defining safe and secure, uninterrupted travel adaptions and changes. It is thoroughly expecting to make hoteliers survive post coronavirus times.

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