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Experts Says Hospitality Workforce Will Shape A New Shift Post-COVID-19

Today, all hoteliers are fighting the invisible Coronavirus COVID-19 menace that decimated the hospitality industry.

Experts say that the hotel industry employers like you are expecting their workers to return back to the lost jobs due to coronavirus crisis.

However, it will be a different world after rebuild for employers as it’s hard to recruit and retain after the pandemic.

Right from January and February months, the hotel industry started bleeding regards to recruiting and retaining hotel staff, especially the hourly workers.

Last year the same time as per the ‘The Bureau of Labour Statistics’ report, the hospitality industry had around 840,000 of unfilled positions.

And, the hoteliers were competing themselves itself to find qualified employees and they faced wage pressures.

DIFFERENCE COVID-19 Pandemic Made:

At the end of March 2020, hospitality jobs of around 460,000 were lost due to the coronavirus pandemic and approx. 14,000 are of hotel jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labour reported that on an overall, 22 Million unemployment claims happened by April month and the jobless rate nearly increased by 4.4%.

Hotel Industry is in TRIAGE:

So far we’ve worked through several economic crises till date, but it’s never seen anything like this massive coronavirus pandemic impact on the U.S. economy, and the hotel industry in particular.

The downturn was so abrupt and hoteliers like you were never ready with defined protocols so it went off the guard and plunge to go through the triage mode.

Like hospitals are with a huge influx of patients, the hotel industry is in a similar panic state and flex, right from the smallest players to the largest management companies.

Experts believe that 70% of hotel industry jobs will return as the travel revives slowly.

The future is hourly and the hospitality industry’s most jobs are of the same; automated hiring platforms like work-stream are being aimed to reduce hiring time and connect to competitive job seekers with opportunities.

When the virus calms down, more hourly workers may emerge and rule the American Hotel Industry as hiring full time people may reduce.

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