staying productive during covid19 crisis

How Hotels Can Stay Productive During COVID-19?

The word “crisis” defined two Chinese characters, one is “danger” and the other is an “opportunity.” So In every crisis, there is opportunity but it all depends on how you see it and take the maximum advantage.

“The bigger, the better” No matter how big the crisis is, the opportunities is a lot to unfold. And, COVID-19 is that which we can call really big and unprecedented in the modern history and human existence.

It’s an undeniable fact that, Coronavirus COVID Pandemic has the most conspicuous effect on every industry, be it small or large. In fact the Hotel Industry hit hard the most!

However the world is not over – Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t mean hoteliers must shut their business and close doors or just wait for the mayhem period to end. It’s the perfect time to catch up something really productive and improve hotels well being.

So, what’s that something? Checkout below!

Better Use This Crisis Time For Hotel Maintenance & Renovation

Whether it is about completing your Hotel Property’s Improvement Plan or Spontaneous Renovation, there is actually no better time than this to do. To start off with, you can make an items list, essential things, and everything needful which is to be repaired.

Meanwhile, do a review check on maintenance supplies inventory, check laundry room systems, balcony, railings, elevators, pool systems,life safety checks, and ensure all lights are switched off if not in use, etc.

It’s even an appropriate time to conduct a deep cleaning routine: A/C cleaning, pull furniture, carpet shampoo, get under bed frames disinfected, clean behind frames, mirrors, clean vacuums with replacement of fresh belts & filters, and anything important.

Stay Up-To-Date On Available Coronavirus Relief Provisions

Be aware of government assistance and financial support during coronavirus in your area.

Amid coronavirus outbreak, the government has introduced financial reprieve programs that cover affected businesses because of the pandemic.

Offerings include Paycheck Protection Program loans, Economic Injury Disaster loans, SBA Express Bridge Loans and SBA Debt Relief, altogether to support businesses bounce back from the severe impact caused by the novel coronavirus.

Reconsider your existing health & safety policies, techniques, and procedures

For the reason being coronavirus nature contagious, it’s very crucial to implement and practice appropriate safety and health policies in place, especially for the industry like hotel that relies mostly on in-person interactions.

In this context, hoteliers must promote proper idealistic safety and health measures, which include:

  • Orders through mobile apps.
  • Self-service pay systems.
  • Non-contact order and service deliveries.
  • Complimentary hand-sanitizers placed at the entrances & exits.
  • Suspending unnecessary gatherings at work-place.
  • Readiness to deal with staffing reductions.

Besides, hoteliers should monitor hotel staff’s health conditions closely and take the reasonable precautions so as to ensure that the illness

spread never happens. The routine of disinfecting commonly used surfaces and other hotel areas can prevent the disperse of COVID.

By this strategic approach, amendments, reconsiderations, hoteliers can ensure the hotels run productively and recover quick after the outrageous hit by COVID.

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