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7 Ways Hotels Will Eventually Change Post This COVID Pandemic

The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has seriously prompted a ‘sea change’ in the hotel business’s operations. By which, it’s altering almost everything right from how guests are going to check-in and do their dine-in, most importantly how hotel rooms are getting cleaned.

Well, here’s what the travellers can actually expect from hotels once it’s all safe to travel again.

Coronavirus Covid-19 doesn’t just stop by affecting the airlines facet of the travel industry. Even the Hotel and Accommodation arena is likewise struggling and waiting to recover till it becomes safe to travel again.

Most of the hoteliers already closed their doors amid this outbreak, while some are active and still operating to offer rooms for those in needy and first responders.

Though most people aren’t traveling and hotel business is down, there are actually few things you can do productively like checking loyalty programs of your hotel and take any action needed.

Despite the travel industry is on hold, your hotels can leverage alternatives like earning points for the grocery or taking out purchases with credit cards or with your dining programs.

However, above a beyond this unprecedented times – everything will subside and good days will come. When the travel again becomes safe, your guests hit highest occupancy coverage, but in fact expect to see some realistic changes in your accommodations, which include some of them listed below.

Stringent Sanitation Practices

Very soon in near future, the daily housekeeping services may not be active and likely won’t be available.

Guests, who turn out to be medical personnel would be given bags separately to place their untidy towels, linens or garbage in then.

Later guests can let the hotel’s front desk know when they’re ready to collect their bags, so as to avoid contact between guests and employees.

Once after guests are checked-out, the hotel rooms are left empty for 24 hrs until they are disinfected by a sanitation crew who wore hazmat suits. After then, the staff wearing PPEs can go get the hotel rooms ready for the upcoming guest.

Five star hotels are using hospital grade sanitizers to get the hotel rooms cleaned. In addition, there should be seen a limit of guests to be allowed in an elevator

In the meanwhile some hotels are already using non-human (robots) means to sanitize areas using UV lighting and keep their hotels clean.

Like others, you really need to ensure that you are committed and perform hotel inspections to specifically look into the safety and cleanliness of not only your guests but also your employees.

Effective Temperature Checks

Like many hotels, you must host medical community and perform temperature checks to your guests before entering to the hotel.

Have infrared thermometers enabled at your front desks for both employees and guests. Las Vegas hotels even have the thermal cameras ready to monitor any fevers or suspicious infections.

If your staff or guests have fever or Covid symptoms, it’s better not to allow them into your hotel, but actually direct them for medical assistance.

Complement Social Distancing. Wearing Masks.

In the recent times, many hotels have been stating that they’ll surely enforce the social distancing by removing closely arranged chairs and placing the markers that ensures to keep guest apart.

Furthermore, your hotel may also require to consider wearing masks in common areas of hotel.

Employing Automation

It is expected to see technology implementation during the process of check-in and check-out.

Make the better use of app, that may evade human interaction and make check-ins easy, room selections interactive and remove the dependency of room keys.

To avoid congregation, you may start directing your guests to use their smartphones to pay for any services you cater, also while ordering meals, making any upgrade or utilizing other hotel services.

Gyms, Spas, and Miscellaneous Amenities to close

Similar to food and beverage (F & B) services, gyms, spas, and other miscellaneous services are most likely to be get shut down temporarily or be limited in terms of availability.

However, if you already have the equipment ready and built-in, you may offer possibility of allocating designated slots for you guests to use gyms, swimming pools, saunas; but it’s preferably to be closed temporarily and reintroduced soon or later.

Avoided Open Breakfast buffets

For a business traveller or tourist, the breakfast buffet is what considered to be the most convenient service.

But, to avoid the close contact, the service would be removed in many hotel business locations. Or, it could be offered as a grab-and-go packaged option.

Reduced Bar & Restaurant, and Coffee Services

Addition to the aforementioned ways, some (but not all) full-service hotels may close or limit their food & beverage services.

However, alternatively you can offer pre-made meal boxes and it’s the best & helpful thing when nothing else option is available.

So, you also start working and be prepared for the future, develop best-of-breed sanitation practices that will keep your guests and employees safe.

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