Importance of Back Office Accounting Software for Hotels

Whether you run a hotel or a hotel chain, it becomes very important to keep a track of your back-office books. Starting from payables to receivables and expenses to profits, followed by revenue and banking information. That’s how you will get to know your business performance, including productivity and profitability. The modern-day technology is by the way enabling hotel owners and hoteliers by automating most of the back office tasks. So they can make informed decisions, get insights and gather real time information, allowing them to concentrate more on improving guests’ experience.

Nimble Property is one the best back office accounting software available in today’s marketplace. Perfectly designed to meet the needs of hotels owners and hoteliers with seamless integration of PMS and GSS & STR import.

The hospitality-specific back office accounting software gives the maximum advantage for the following reasons:

Hotel Data Automation

Integrate your PMS and get all your hotels’ sales, receivables and statistics data into nimble hospitality accounting software automatically.

Hotelier-friendly Solution

Nimble hotel analytics software helps your hoteliers monitor their daily Sales, Occupancy %, ADR, RevPar, GSS info, everything at one place.

Hotels Specific Reporting

Seamlessly, you can generate combined Reports of your group of hotels and inter property transactions on the go using our hotel accounting services.

Accounts Payable Automation

Upload your vendor invoices with OCR scanning and automate the bill entry process, just in few clicks with our best hotel accounting software.

GSS & STR Import

Know the pulse of your guest through GSS review and import Smith Travel Report for competition analysis, by integrating with Nimble hotel management accounting software.

Business Intelligence

Forecasting Analytics of Nimble’s hotel back office accounting software gives you insights by analyzing your data, letting you make informed business decisions.

With best in class PMS and other collaborations. Nimble Property provides stands tall in all aspects of your hotel accounting.

Contact us and switch to our tailored back office accounting solution for your hospitality business.

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