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60+ Reports & Statements

Providing standard statements and reports that will be helpful in analysing your hotel’s overall financial status. Amid regular financial reports, you can even prepare a customized Revenue statement with all your desired statistics and budgets.

An inbuilt all-inclusive reporting structure in Nimble is accurate and reliable to meet Industry standards, tailored for hotels. We designed our reports to be effective, yet minimal training is required to access, excels in bringing reports that include daily sales, comparisons, and direct export & customized reports with formulas.

    Better financial transparency, quality and control with drill down capability.

    • Extensive reporting structure on your daily sales, with great customizations.
    • Department wise statistics, budget comparison, banking & reconciliation, intercompany reports at fingertips.
    • Profit & Loss (Standard/Details), Balance Sheet, Trial Balance,General Ledger, Income Statement are just to name a few.

Exclusive Industry Standard Reporting in Nimble precisely designed for Hotels & Hoteliers to identify their growth opportunities for increasing profitability and sales.

It enables you to review the performance of your business on a regular basis, letting you identify risks to rework for better future performance and take action early to reduce the impact of those risks.

Reduce costs by identifying areas of underperformance across your properties. Make your Tax Filing easy and stay compliant!


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