Hotel Team Login

From the ‘Hotel Team Login’, you can define access and control based on the roles of your hotel manager, accountants and staff for easy review & approvals.

Authorize users to manage bills, sales, enter PMS data, and give approvals from hotel Lobby with Corporate level approval. Besides, simplify coordination with cleaning staff, manage AP, Inventory Sales and Supplier payments status checking.

    Boost Your Hotel Team Workflow for Efficient Hotel Management & Productivity

    • General Managers can view the status of their hotel Sales and Supplier payments.
    • Just within few clicks, he/she can manage Inventory levels of multi-hotel properties.
    • Hotel managers can create budgets and set room rates with ease.
    • Accountants can manage Sales and Bills from hotel Lobby with timely approvals.
    • Enable Hotel logins for Vendor OCR Supply / Invoices and making sales.

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