Customer Success Stories

Leading Hospitality Group leverages Nimble’s Automation & AI

Company Info :

The leading Hotel Investment and Management Company operating 18 hotels and representing almost 2,200 rooms.

Challenge :

Managing 18 properties with accurate financial data was an issue for the Hospitality group, unreconciled bank accounts and missing bills were a major reason for books being not up-to-date and inaccurate.

Approach :

Firstly, Nimble took up the responsibility of bookkeeping for the Hospitality group in 2020, started reconciling their finances and found that there was about 10,000$ dollars of cash not being deposited at their bank, from the previous year. This happened as they were relying on cash basis accounting .

Understanding the situation, challenge and the precise nature of their workflow, our Nimble accounting team and set of bookkeeping professionals were able to identify the root cause of the situation which the owner was unaware of.

Besides, this bill automation was implemented which helped them streamline all their bills and approval process. Apart from Bookkeeping services Nimble’s hotel specific accounting software was implemented to simplify their accounting routine and improve the financial assessment cycle.

Results :

Nimble helped the Hospitality Group in streamlining bills, automating crucial accounting activities and most importantly helped identify the cause for revenue leakage, and thus eliminating this from happening in the future, this also saved time and efforts for the accountants and managers.

Conclusion :

It’s not only for this Hospitality Group, Nimble always strives to give the fullest to every hotel in the hospitality arena; always committed to improve the quality of accounting and serious in shaping a vision of financial success.

Nimble is known to deliver worthwhile accounting software and bookkeeping assessment solutions, that empower hospitality industry, hoteliers and CPAs to unleash their maximum potential and achieve their financial goals.

Keeping client-centricity as primary focus, Nimble bags top success rate and stands out to be the best in market as an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use software for all accounting and bookkeeping needs.

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