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AAHOA Members Love Using Nimble Accounting. Know Why!

Every business owner aspire to acquire an immediate access to their financial information and do a periodic pulse check, so they get quick read on business efficiency. But, many fail due to relying on manual methods!

Nimble is a tailored accounting software for Hospitality Industry, helping hoteliers as well accounting professionals simplify their accounting process and measure financial performance in any given period.

Spreadsheet dependency is a good tactic to be used in tracking your finances, when you are an entrepreneur but as your business grows, it will certainly become challenging to stay on top of all your financial happenings with means of manual accounting system. That’s where an accounting software like Nimble comes to the light!

Nimble Hotel Accounting Software & Bookkeeping Services are designed for Hotel industry to meet the accounting and bookkeeping needs of AAHOA community & diverse hospitality world. We’re here to help you:

  • Get End of Day Sales report
  • Get End of Day Profitability Reports
  • Automatic reconciliation with your bank statements
  • Reconciled PMS and Accounting ledgers
  • Cash and Credit reconciliation
  • Daily Expenses and Room Occupancy
  • Online and Real time Income Expense statements and Balance sheet without waiting for your CPA

On a wider perspective, lets now decode the advantages of Nimble accounting software for hospitality industry, that motivates you to ditch spreadsheets.


Like any other software system, setting up an accounting software like Nimble could be a one-time investment, but once you do it upfront, it helps you save countless hours each week by cutting down the time-consuming manual accounting and bookkeeping process automatically. For instance, you won’t need to drag a CSV file from the file cabinet manually in order to review financial transactions. Accounting software like Nimble does the job for you, by simply integrating your PMS the entire daily sales, receivables, and statistical data will be pulled into Nimble automatically.


There’s no more waiting while you hotel admin puts in monthly reports together manually, Nimble built-in reporting lets you generate reports in an automated manner. Within a click of a button, you can download P & L (Income Statement), Cashflow Statement, or a Balance Sheet, which gives you an insightful view on your hotel incomes and expenses, for a month or a quarter or even for a year. Seamlessly, you can customize reports using the filters and save them to run again in future.


It’s obvious that if you run a hotel chain, the data is store across multiple platforms – With Nimble, the data collection is consolidated and your accounting team no need to spend hours long going back & forth between various platforms. All the data comes in sync and the dashboard displays your hotel chain information side-by-side, wherein you can drill down into financial records for more precise information.


With Nimble Hotel Accounting Software, you’ll evade the need to manually update multiple sheets and all the data you import is fell into the right chart of accounts, without causing any data discrepancy. Data accuracy is a major concern for many and its does matter in hotel accounting, the every move you make reflects on your financial statements and reports, keeping your data error-free.


Intuitive dashboard in Nimble bags in responsive widgets and real-time alerts, displaying Hotel Occupancies, RevPAR and ADRs, competitive analysis with STR and GSS info, Banking Info, Profitability Analysis, and many more responsive widgets to mention. All the KPIs laid well on the dashboard helps you make better and quick decisions.

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