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Rest your hotel’s bookkeeping needs with Nimble for improved bottom line

The hotel industry today witnesses cutthroat competition from all quarters, which is why taking care of one’s business especially from the financial perspective becomes indispensable. While running a hotel business, there are an array of activities that need to be managed right from keeping a track on the occupancy status, taking care of the housekeeping needs and of course overseeing the kitchen activities.

Amidst all this there are bright chances that you may end up overlooking your accounting and bookkeeping functions. In order to avoid occurrence of such a situation, it is advisable that you take support from a reliable hotel bookkeeping services medium, which is exactly where Nimble’s veteran bookkeepers for hotel units come to your rescue.

Let us now look at the various aspects touched by Nimble’s bookkeeping package.

What does Nimble’s hotel bookkeeping software have on offer?

  • An Intuitive Interface up for grabs:

The moment you decide to collaborate with Nimble’s hotel bookkeeping software, you are sure to be left pleasantly surprised with its intuitive interface. The best part about Nimble’s interface is that it is largely customizable.

This then allows you to make tweaks as per your individual preferences and in line with your hotel’s requirements. You are sure to find this interface to be absolutely simple and easy to use.

  • User-Friendly Bookkeeping package:

Nimble’s hospitality bookkeeping software is highly user-friendly. Not to forget that it makes for a simplified, under one roof bookkeeping service for units active in the hotel business.

With this package, you can take care of multiple facets of your hotel business, which necessarily include guest satisfaction, STR, PMS Feeds as well as banking.

  • Better Financial Management:

Managing finances of your hotel unit is a task in itself even if it is only a sole unit. Imagine the level of difficulty involved if you happen to run a chain of units.

However, once you decide to collaborate with Nimble’s hotel bookkeeping package, you can rest assured about your financial revenue analysis, sales insights and finances being managed more professionally and transparently.

With this software in place, information pertaining to your multi-chain properties will only be a click away.

  • Backed with Business Intelligence:

It goes without saying that both financial and non-financial decisions with respect to your hotel business need to be backed with facts and real-time statistics. This is something, which you as a unit cannot achieve in absence of a trusted software.

Nimble’s hotel bookkeeping software works towards combining and segregating your business data and ultimately deriving insights out of the same, which can then aid decision-making.

  • An all in one, complete solution:

When we talk about hotel businesses in general, we understand that there are different kinds of resources, departments as well as functions that need to be managed with precision so as to be able to derive a desired outcome.

This is another area, wherein Nimble’s hospitality bookkeeping services does wonders. Right from managing your human resources, consolidating accounts, controlling finances, minimizing manual data entry errors to integrating PMS in a seamless manner, this and much more comes under the purview of this software.

  • AP Automation:

What’s more in store with Nimble’s bookkeeping package for hoteliers is that it promises 100%, account payable automation. By putting this software in use, you will be able to optimize your cash flow in no time.

Yet another standout feature of this software is that it does not leave a single stone unturned to automate bill entries with purchase orders. If this is done, you can get a clear-cut overview of all the orders that are flowing and its corresponding payment schedule.

You may be thinking that since Nimble’s bookkeeping software comes backed with multiple benefits, its costing must be on the higher side. But this is far from true. Irrespective of what your budget looks like, you can always make way for this software as it is competitively priced. Hence, hotel units big and small, single or multi-chain can benefit from this hotel bookkeeping package. Not to forget that this software is equally result-oriented. 

Concluding Thoughts:

All this while, if you have been searching for a bookkeeping software that is 100% authentic and dependable, then there is no looking beyond Nimble’s hotel bookkeeping services package. 

The best part about this software is that you need not invest in its full-fledged services right away. You can instead choose to schedule a demo, get a hang of the services package and ultimately decide as to whether or not it will be a wise decision to opt for Nimble’s bookkeeping software.

You are sure to have a smooth-sailing experience and see your hotel business reach all new heights with Nimble’s hotel bookkeeping services

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and become Nimble ready.

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